Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Storm...

Today would have been Storm's thirteenth birthday... it's been four months since she died and I still think about her and cry over her all the time.  I can sometimes think about her and smile at the memories, but sometimes I still feel guilty and miserable!  I know one thing for sure... the first day of summer will never be the same without her.



  1. She is beautiful. So sorry for your loss.


  2. Cruiser's birthday is tomorrow, and he has been gone 3 months now. I know just how you feel. It will get better, but we'll never stop missing them.

  3. You're right Judi. We will never stop missing them. Thank you for commenting. I'll be thinking of you and Cruiser tomorrow. It's hard, but like you said it will get better. Hugs!


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