Friday, June 27, 2014

Furry Friday

My blogger buddy Jennifer over at My Fur-Real Life has started a series called Furry Friday that I'm going to try to join in on. Maybe it will get me back to posting on this blog more frequently.  She's working on a graphic for the series, but it will probably be next week.  Feel free to join!  The animals that we share don't have to have fur by the way.  I could have shared my Fawns for Furry Friday, but I don't have any new ones so I'll show you the other not furry critters we've had hanging around.  :D

First a little toad that was waiting out the heat of the day on our porch.  He really blends in!

And then there was this cute little guy making his way across the porch.  I was afraid he would get stepped on because Chrome (my horse) was on the porch trying to hide from flies so I picked him up.  Chrome immediately wanted to know what I had so I let him sniff the cute box turtle.  The turtle had his head and legs out so I'm glad he didn't bite Chrome on the nose.  Then it started running through the air and one of his feet was close to Chrome's face, so his claws were scratching Chrome's face.  The silly horse actually thought it felt good and didn't move LOL!!!  I guess we could keep him as a back scratcher hehe.  :D  Just kidding, I turned him loose in the yard where Chrome couldn't step on him.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out and I'm glad you're joining!! Love your entries for Furry Friday! That toad is adorable (I have a thing for frogs and toads LOL)! And the turtle is pretty cute too. :-)


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