Saturday, November 1, 2014

National Novel Writing Month!

Wow did anyone else completely and totally forget about Nano ( this year??  Lucky for me L. over at Viva Carlos mentioned it in her post so I was able to get started instead of remembering halfway through the month like I did during my second year of Nano lol.  Thanks L!

So after some brain storming while cooking chicken chili for supper I came up with a very vague idea and started writing.  I've done 1,340 words so far which is shy of what the daily total should be, but I'm just not feeling inspired to write so I'll catch up tomorrow.  Here is my one sentence synopsis...

"Scientist create a biosphere habitat full of mythical creatures... what could go wrong?"

Hehe, so let's see how well I do flying by the seat of my pants and writing with zero ideas, outlines, characters or plot.  :D  Good luck to everyone who is participating this year!


  1. That's what I'm doing this year - no story line, no outline, just writing whatever comes to mind. Mine is a story about a brother/sister who own a guest ranch and need to help out a cousin in need. LOL - hopefully it comes out at least partially interesting!

    Good luck!

  2. I would really like to participate some year. But this isn't it. I'm too busy. I have 12 hour days so when I finally get home I usually go straight to bed so I couldn't write everyday :D Maybe next year! :D Good luck with your nanowrimo!


  3. Good luck and lots of ideas with your writing this year!


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