Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 Reading Challenge - Book Scrabble - July

Wow I'm so late posting this.  Things have been crazy and not really in a good way right now.  My slipped disc in my neck is flaring up again.  It was so bad I almost went home from work, but a few days later it's doing better....  I'm so frustrated.  I knew this would be a problem my whole life, but I didn't know it would be this frequent.  :(  There's other stuff, but I'm not going to whine right now.  This too shall pass lol.  

I didn't get much reading done in July.  Only three books.

If this tells you anything I couldn't even remember what this was about when I was getting this blog post together... I had to go back and look at it to remember.  It was a decent book, just not memorable I guess.

I LOVE this series! With series in general, but especially mystery series, I always worry that by this point they are going to get stale or repetitive, but not this series! The author manages to keep it so interesting, unique and moving forward at all times, that I never get bored with these books. I've loved every single one of them and each time a new one comes out it's always my new favorite. No exception this time! This one is my new favorite. You definitely have to try this series if you like mysteries.

I'm really not sure what I thought of this book...  This is actually part of a trilogy and I read the whole thing, but the other two books will be in August's post so I'll write more then.  This book was definitely unique, but some things just irritated the crap out of me..... a stag that sweats and nickers???  Need I say more?  Not to mention the first person, present tense just grates on my nerves.  I don't know why I finish these books sometimes, unless it's those evil cliffhangers at the end of the books and I can't stand not knowing what happens.  I'm a sucker lol.


  1. I know you've read a lot of the H.Y. Hanna books, so it's good to know that they aren't getting repetitive for you. I usually avoid books in a series, but I might check one out. Right now I've got four books, two bought and two borrowed, still waiting for my attention.

    1. I've truly loved all of her books. :D I actually love series. I prefer them over stand alone books, but I do get very disappointed if they get repetitive. I'm so glad these haven't. :) I wish you had more time to read. I know how much you enjoy it. I don't know how I would stay sane without my reading downtime.


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