Saturday, August 13, 2016

Goat & Cat Update

 Emi pouncing on something.

 Emerald is looking so much better.  She's not skinny anymore.  She is the sweetest cat and has totally decided that this is home, which makes me happy.  :D

My Pharaoh giving his signature look lol.

Miss Smokey, or ShadowCat as hubby calls her.

Now the goats.

 Jasper is a good looking baby.  

My pretty girls are getting a lot more confident.  They come running for feed and follow us around now.  That's such a huge improvement from running in blind fear.

 Garnet and Pearl.

 Garnet in the front with Topaz and Jade in the back.

 Garnet in the front, then Pearl and Topaz.

 Garnet, Pearl and Jade.

 Beautiful Topaz. 

 Garnet and Topaz are the most confident ones.

 Gorgeous Pearl.

 Goat yoga hehe.

 Garnet has such a gorgeous face.  I love her markings.

 Pearl is still so chunky.  She's getting more and more confident each day.

 Jade is still the smallest and shyest of them all.  She will come around eventually.

 Pearl using her horn to scratch.

 Cute Jade!  She always has this skeptical look on her face.

 Garnet and Topaz are finally eating leaves from my hand!

 Handsome Jasper is learning to lead.

We start with a makeshift harness, but he'll upgrade to a halter when I know he won't bolt and break his neck.

Jasper is doing so well!

He's eating grain out of our hands and letting us pet him while he eats.  He's ruled by his stomach hehe.

 The doelings escaped through the old fence (between us and the neighbor) a couple of times, so we did some fence clearing to do some repairs.

Coral also escaped once when the rope broke while we were leading her between pens.  She's so wild though that she threw herself over our main fence and escaped onto the road!!!!  It took us a couple of hours, a car, a four wheeler and three people to catch her.  She went over a mile down the road and then disappeared into acres upon acres of forest.  We are very fortunate to have caught her!  She will be walked with several ropes on her from now on.  That way we have a back up in case one breaks again.

So there has been quite a bit of excitement with them lol.  Did I mention one of the times when a doeling got out was while hubby was out of state and I was caring for them alone.... yeah that happened!

There is something else in the works, but it will have to wait a couple of weeks before I share it.  ;)


  1. Wow! You've got your hands full. Are the goats noisy or quiet?

    1. These guys are actually really quiet. They are nothing like the ones we bottle fed who would scream at the top of their lungs! Jasper actually has really cute, quiet little bleats. :)

  2. I saw all the cute pictures, and they made me want to get goats--until I learned about how troublesome they can be!

    1. Hehehe that's the truth! They are very curious and can definitely be troublemakers. :)


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