Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jasper Update

Jasper is doing great.  We moved him out into the big pasture with the horses, donkey and Rebel and Yankee several months ago.  He is doing really well out there.  Rebel and Yankee are obsessed with him, but he holds his own and I'm sure he will be bossing them around in no time.  He's now seven months old and we weighed him on Thanksgiving at 83lbs.  :)  Enjoy all of the pictures.

He still has such a baby face, but his beard is growing and his 
body is chunking up and starting to look like a buck.

 That baby face!

 Being Shadow's shadow hehe.

 He was staring up at the pine tree branches in longing hehe. 

 So he came over to me, begging.

 I obliged hehe.

 Goofy goat!

You can see his baby beard in this one.  Our baby boy is growing up.

That's all for today's update.


  1. Love all the pictures. He's very handsome, what a cute face.

  2. Thank you! He just gets cuter and cuter.


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