Saturday, February 4, 2017

Introducing Amethyst!

 Look at that cute mustache and the white marks on the 
back of her ears that we're calling her racing stripes hehe.  So cute!

Our first baby of 2017 is here!!!!  Say hi to Amethyst!  Coral gave birth to this adorable girl at 5:09 this morning.  From the time she started pushing to the time Amethyst popped out was less than four minutes!  Very impressive.  She's definitely an experiences mother.  I'll tell you more about the birth in a later post once I get done editing videos.

We let her handle the birth since things were going so smoothly, then we went in to dry off the baby because it was in the mid twenties Fahrenheit.  We dried her, tied off/cut/dipped her umbilical and then started trying to help her nurse.  It was so frustrating.  We couldn't get any milk out and Amethyst was just confused on what she was supposed to do although she definitely had a very strong sucking reaction.  Coral was tense and getting stressed because she's still skittish of humans, but I was very proud of how well she did.  She was acting protective, but didn't try to hurt us and didn't try to run away like she normally does.  We went inside to warm up while the baby rested under the heat lamps.  I figured letting Coral relax a little bit would help her milk drop.  We finally went out and I was able to hold her by one horn and hand feed her while hubby got the milk flowing from the teats.  Then we finally got Amethyst nursing.  I was so relieved I almost started crying!

Amethyst was up and moving around within minutes of birth. I was really impressed with how quickly she was on her feet!  She is already so curious and independent, frolicking and exploring everything.

Coral is not happy about people handling her baby, but she is letting us.  She has come a really long way in the taming department from the wild doe that would throw herself at the walls.

 I love her mustache and racing stripes!!

 Proud mamma.  

I will definitely get more pictures as soon as possible.  Most of them came out blurry because of the low light of the barn and the red light from the heat lamps.  I did get video though and you HAVE to watch it!!

She is so stinking cute!  I'm feeling more emotional than I probably should since this is our first baby since getting back into the goat business and because this is Crockett's first kid.  I miss him so much.  I hope this little girl does him proud.  I'll post again as soon as possible.  Right now I'm trying to figure out a new video editing program since Windows 10 doesn't support Movie Maker anymore.  It's frustrating!!  I'm such a video editing amateur and there are too many options!


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