Sunday, February 12, 2017

Amethyst's First Day Out

Yesterday we opened up the door that leads to the small pen outside for Coral and Amethyst.  So yesterday was baby's first day out!!

Coral didn't want to come out because I was in the pen, but Amethyst got brave and came out on her own.

 Coral eventually came out.  She was on high alert!

Amethyst approached me out in the pen.  I was afraid the extra freedom would make her skittish like her mom, so I was very happy she came over to be for some scratches.

 She had so much fun playing outside!

Here is the video.  Fair warning, you might want to turn your sound down.  I'm not used to recording with a phone and there is a lot of LOUD snapping, popping and other noise from me handling the phone and taking snapshots during the video.  The noise isn't important to enjoy watching her play though. :)

I hope you are enjoying Amethyst as much as I am.  She is so much fun!  I have big news that I'll share tomorrow so make sure to check back!

P.S.  We weighed her again yesterday and she was nine pounds and twelve ounces!!!  She was exactly a week old yesterday and weighed six pounds, nine ounces the day she was born.  That's a big gain in one week.  :D


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