Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kid Update

 I haven't had time to edit pictures this week, so I'm just now getting to this.

All four kids are tasting their mom's food already!

 Hubby taking a selfie with our red girl.  
I'm leaning heavily toward Andesine for her name...

I'm sorry, but goat kids are the CUTEST!!!

We opened up the yards for all four kids so they can start getting some exercise.  First up Garnet's kids.

 I love Garnet's expression!

 Next up are Topaz's kids.

 Sorry this is so dark.  They are so cute!

 Tanzanite kept trying to jump over her brother hehe.

 She hopped up on the table so fast.

Her brother took a while, but eventually they both got up there.

Aren't they so cute??

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  1. You must be having so much fun with them! They are certainly cute!


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