Saturday, July 1, 2017

More Twins!!!! Please help me name her!

Garnet had twins too!!!!!  A boy and a girl and the girl was born first and is bigger, just like with Topaz's kids.  So funny how it works out like that.  The girl is the beautiful red one which is super exciting because the reds are my mom's favorite color.  I've been hoping we would have a red one for that reason.  I know color isn't important, but if it makes my mom happy (she likes to admire them from afar) it makes me happy.  She always jokes that she can't tell them apart or remember all of their names, but this red girl will be easy to spot in a crowd of Boers hehe.  Speaking of names... we're having trouble deciding.  Check out our choices at the bottom of the post and please help me decide!  Here are the rest of the pictures.  Sorry they are bad cell phone pictures.  I will have to get the camera out eventually...

These guys went straight to nursing!

She has a patch of white on her forehead, on her belly and on some of her feet.

She is so gorgeous!

 She was about to fall asleep on her feet.

 Garnet looks tired too.

 The boy (again we won't name because we will be selling) is super confident.

 He's all tuckered out.
Love this picture.

She finally decided to lay down for a nap.

Okay below are a couple of pictures of the little girl in the sunshine so you can see what her color really looks like.  I know you aren't supposed to take them away from their mom on the first day, but I had to run her inside for my mom to see (she hurt her knee and can't walk to the barn).  I took her right back to Garnet and they have bonded and are all doing great.

 You can see the white on her feet too.

Okay here are the name options.  We all have different favorites, but I'm not going to say which is which so I don't influence you guys.  These are all gems to stick with our theme.  Coming up with gem names is more difficult than I thought so we are going to change up the theme each year.  I can't wait to name next year's kids.... it is going to be a surprise though.

Tourmaline (Tori for short)
Alexandrite (Alex or Lexi for short)
Larimar (Lora or Lari for short) Lari would be pronounced like Lori or Laurie

So which name do you like?  I'm calling her Red right now so PLEASE help me name her before that sticks.....

P.S. She actually had them on Thursday.  The male weighed 6.8 pounds and the girl weighed 7.6 pounds.  They are quite a bit bigger than Topaz's kids were at birth (6 and 6.1 pounds).


  1. I like Sapphire. She sure is lovely.

    1. I've always loved the name Sapphire. I'm leaning toward using it since we will probably go with a different theme next year so this is my last baby to use a gemstone name on. I'm still not decided yet though. He little personality is definitely starting to shine through and I think something will stick soon. I just have to stop calling her Little Red!!! Ahh!!!

  2. They are so insanely cute!!!!!! Since she is a red ... what about Ruby? :). I love all the ones you picked!

    1. Ruby is actually the first name I thought of the day she was born, but it is used a lot it seems like. I'd like to use something a little different. I just can't decide!! They are insanely cute. Wait until you see the update pictures. I just have to find time to get them all edited and posted!

  3. I think your mom should name her, but with that said, of your names I like Alexandrite. Another idea is Andesine -- Andi for short.

    1. Mom is having trouble deciding too. She liked Tourmaline and she's the one who came up with Larimar, which I like. Nothing has clicked though... I'm not sure why. I love Alexandrite. I think it's my favorite personally, but it's probably just because I like the name Alexandra for a girl. Mom thinks it sounds more masculine like Alex or Alexander. This girl is super chunky and totally has a tomboy personality though so I think it might suit her. I'm giving it a bit more time to get to know her better since nothing really clicked like Tanzanite's did. Mom named Tanzanite too by the way. I don't know if I mentioned that. I really like Andesine. I haven't heard of that one before. Thank you for much for the suggestion. I'm adding it to the list and I'll see what mom thinks of it. :D

  4. My favorite of those options is Tourmaline. But Ruby works well, too.
    Or Carnelian?
    Save Sapphire for a black/gray one.

    1. I like Carnelian too. I added it to the list we have going. Sapphire has always been one of my favorites, so I really wanted to use it, but I think you're right that it would go better with a darker colored goat. We could always revisit the gemstone theme another year, so I'll probably save it. Thank you!

  5. I really like Sapphire and Ruby. Or Andesine and Carnelian. How cute you got 2 sets of twins!

    1. See! You can't decide either!! Hehe! I loved all of the names, that's why it's so hard to choose. I'm really leaning toward Andesine. I'd never heard of that one before you guys mentioned it. I'm checking to see what my parents think of it. :) I love making the goats a family thing hehe.


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