Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The rest of the pictures.

Here are the rest of the pictures from Sunday.  I saved the ones who already had names and the group shots for this post.  Enjoy!

 Sapphire is looking more and more chocolate instead of black.

 It was so funny watching her try to get on the trailer without locking up.

 Sandia figured out how to get on the trailer quickly.

 She is so pretty!  She has gotten super friendly too.

Daniel still looking good.  He is such a wonderful babysitter.  He is the only adult goat in a pasture full of weanling bucklings.  He has all five Boer bucklings, Wildfire, Kamikaze and Bruno with him.  He is very laid back and gentle with them, but doesn't let them get away with being brats either.

 Awkward shot of Wildfire, but you can see his teeth hehe.  He had just finished chewing on his leg.

My Myotonic buck lineup, minus Bruno.  Aren't they all so handsome??  Don't tease poor Kamikaze on the awful hair cut I gave him (my clipper guards wouldn't go through his thick cashmere so I had to do it freehand and it is so uneven!). 

 Father and son resting.  Daniel looks like he's smiling.  I love his beard!

 Daniel chewing his cud.

 Wildfire and Kamikaze are best buds and nap together.

 Jasper is looking good!  He is babysitting Peter and Pan.

Look at how tiny they are!!

This is the picture I was so excited to share.  Pan is standing there like he's the biggest one out there, but he is dwarfed by Jasper.  Keep in mind Jasper is a 230 pound Boer buck and Peter and Pan are twenty pound two month old 75% Myotonic bucklings.  Jasper is so, so gentle with them and I never fear for their safety, even with the size difference.

 Last but not least I got some great pictures of Jasper being silly and doing the flehman.  I love these photos!!

 The flehman shows off his lack of upper teeth.  I love how long his beard is getting.

 I want to kiss that wrinkly nose.

 Yawning and tilting his head.  Adorable!

 Then there is this epicness!  LOVE this picture.  I'm totally making it my desktop background. :D

Well, that is all for now.  Sorry the updates have been so sporadic.  I've been too busy to just sit in the yard with the camera.  I missed it!  I just wish most of the pictures had turned out better.  Regardless, I hope you all enjoyed them.  I wish you could meet all of these goats.  Anyone who says animals don't have feelings or unique personalities never met a herd of goats!  They are ALL personality!

Oh duh, I forgot the group shots.  Here are the rest of the pictures.

 I love Strawberry Shortcake's ears!

 ....aaaaand they're off!  Sandia is in the lead by a neck!

Speaking of racing.... can you believe we have another Triple Crown winner????  Go Justify!!!!!!!

 Sapphire showing Peter how tough she is.  Ignore hubby hiding behind her haha.
Bubbles trying to climb the tree while Strawberry Shortcake rubs against it and Sandia stares longingly at the leaves.   There's a lot going on in that picture.

Alright that is all... for real this time.  Later guys!

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