Saturday, June 25, 2011

Berry Picking With Jackal

Jackal had so much fun on Thursday. :) We went out onto the lease land to pick blackberries and he went along, even though it was a guarantee that he would find ticks lol.

I let him out the front door and he peed, then immediately went sniffing . . .

. . . so I checked his recall . . .

. . . and he was perfect! I love his expression. And those ears!

Hunting fish in the pond. They were resting in the shallow end and he could see them swimming away.

Another perfect recall. He does really well on the lease land because he knows if he wanders off that there is a chance Chrome will find him lol.

I love this one! I was using the continuous shooting mode and got him being smacked in the face with grass hehe.

Here is one of the beauties we were after. The lease land is absolutely covered in them.


"Okay I came and I sat, now can I got play some more?"

We got about half a regular size coffee can of blackberries. They made a yummy blackberry cobbler. :D

Oh and I don't know if Jackal got any ticks, but he had his K9 Advantix put on a few days ago and to be on the safe side (don't want seed ticks on my couch and he already has a tick disease called Ehrlichia) I sprayed him with my horse's fly spray which has permethrins in it and is labeled for use on dogs. It obviously worked because I never found a tick on me.


  1. Did I plant the cobler seed? We won't have black berries here for at least another month, I had to buy mine at the store, they were kind of tastless, :-( I sure wish Fred would return to me like that. I'm getting a little frustrated with him. Great action shot too by the way. I think I have continuous shooting capabilities on my camera too, I haven't tried it yet, maybe I'll play with it today.

  2. Berry picking looks like so much fun!


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