Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Storm Pictures

My husband and I took Storm and Jackal for a walk to a nearby local store and I got a few pictures of the birthday girl. Unfortunately they didn't turn out great because the light was from the wrong direction and I used continuous shooting on some of them. I should have gotten some on the way back but my hands were full with leashes, camera and shopping bags. :) I need to get some nice pictures of her sometime.

Even at ten years old she still happily leads the way, even pulling at times. She'd gotten really good about walking on a loose leash but I allowed her to pull me on my bike (because I'm lazy going up hills) and now she's pulling on walks again. Oh well, it's not hard enough to be dangerous or annoying. :)

Giving me one of her cute expressions when I called her name.

She never stops!

I love this over the shoulder look like she's saying "Really mom? I'm busy here!". :)


  1. Happy belated birthday Storm! She is really a nice looking dog, I bet she's extremely smart too! How does she fare with the heat you guys have? Obviously she's used to it by now, I was just wondering if you have to do anything out of the ordinary for her.

  2. her jodhpurs are so floofy! :) i love her... just sayin. siberian addiciton is a sickness. i know.


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