Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Stills - Yellow

This week's Sunday Stills challenge was the color yellow. As usual I procrastinated to the last second, but this time I actually had a reason. :) I went to a dressage schooling show at the stable where I used to work back in my hometown. It was so much fun! The cool thing is they had a Hawaiian theme so there were lots of bright colors, including yellow!! I'll try to post pictures of the show tomorrow. It was great. All of my friends did great. I can't wait until Chrome and I can do that. :D

A friend's shirt.

A friend's ribbon.

A bell boot.

The fun umbrella. The flamingo had a yellow beak too. :D

The chairs, the ball and the kiddie pool all have yellow.

Closer up.

This adorable stuffed turtle was hanging from a yellow net.

Yellow lei.

Yellow flower in her mane. She had pretty flowers painted on her shoulder and haunch too. Adorable. She looks unhappy in the picture because she didn't like her neighbor who spent the entire day screaming to his buddy. Annoying, but gorgeous horse. I'll have a picture of him tomorrow too. I had so much fun, but it's late. Night guys!!


  1. Great shots, glad ya had a fun time..:-)

  2. It seems you had a really good time at the event with a Hawaiian theme! Yes, there are lots of bright colours!

    Honey's advice helped! Now I can comment on your posts again :-)

  3. Great pics all. Looks like a fun day :)



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