Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jackal's June Trick & Life Update

I haven't really been posting much about my personal life because I got treated like crap by a fellow blogger, but I did want to give a brief update on the injured husband/job loss scenario. He got accepted for unemployment which I knew he would since they didn't have a legit reason for firing him since he was willing and able to go back to work. His back is doing much better. He's off all of his medication (including the one that messed up his short term memory so bad thank goodness). He absolutely loves his new horse and is really getting good at clicker training. You can read about his progress with Faran on the horse blog (since it can't really be called Chrome's blog anymore -

Also I got a promotion at work to assistant manager. I was really uncertain about taking the position because I'm not sure how well I'll do with an "in charge" position, but everyone assured me I would be fine. Besides there's a probation period so I can change my mind no harm done. However with the promotion comes a raise and that along with the unemployment is enough that we should be okay and get to stay here (we were considering moving because of limited job opportunities) at least for the moment. My husband is looking into going back to finish his Bachelor's Degree since he only likes about eighteen months on it. :)

The roof of our house, the horse barn, the chicken coop and the tack/feed shed are still not repaired. :( The insurance company gave the money to our bank since the house isn't paid off and our bank is absolutely refusing to cooperate with the roofing company . . . it's been around two or three months now! This is ridiculous! I'm getting very frustrated with them. I had to get rid of most of my chickens because I didn't have a place to keep them and they were getting killed by predators and traffic (at least a bunch of them now live with neighbors so I can still see them and know they are doing okay). :( And I miss my barn! We will figure it out though.

And last but definitely not least I've decided to teach Jackal a "place" cue (e.g go to your bed/mat/place) because it's really easy and we only have four days left in June. The Freestyle contest kept us distracted and then everything was changing at work so I sort of ran out of time. I'll let you guys vote on next month's trick though.

Anyway we had our first session tonight and Jackal did great! I knew it wouldn't be hard to teach. I put down a large, white bath towel and he immediately went to it. I clicked him for standing on it, tossing the treats away to reset him. After a few repetitions of that I delayed the click and he bowed and did shy while bowing!!! How cute is that?! We might have to work on making that into a separate trick because it's adorable. :) I went ahead and clicked that. The next time he bowed, did shy and then laid down. I want him laying on it so I gave him a jackpot for that. :)

The next time he started trying to interact with a nearby chair and the horse headstall hanging from it. I couldn't help laughing at his initiative, but I didn't click since that wasn't what we were working on. So I took him back to the towel and he seems to think laying down is too easy and that I must be expecting something else from him because he started pawing at the towel. I finally had to stand on the edge of the towel so he would stop pawing at it. I probably should have used the dog bed for this, but it's in the wash right now lol. I waited him out and he laid back down so I gave him a jackpot and ended the session. :D Smart Jackal.


  1. a fellow blogger treats you badly? like how can that be? and what kind of moron does stuff like that on the internet?

    if you can't say anything nice... well, duh... skip saying anything at all!

    glad things are looking up. that jackle... he's a smart little dude... love his b/w photo... i was like "wtf is that?" then i scrolled down... cute.

  2. I'm so sorry you have recieved rotten blog comments. I truly don't get why people feel the need to do that. It hasn't happened to me yet, but it probably will. Try not to let it get you down, some people seem to like being negative all the time, I personally don't have the energy for it, it's terribly draining. I don't get why the insurance co. gave the money to your bank instead of directly to you. I had some wind damage to my roof a few years ago and my insurance co. just cut me the check. Maybe the laws are diffrent in your state, how aggravating! I call that bureaucratic bull sh*t. (sorry) I hope that doesn't go on too long.

    I think I want to say congrats on the promotion. I know you guys can sure use the extra cash. I had to "manage" about 20 people along with many other duties, and I found I really wasn't the people managing type, I got really irritated with the silly complaining that went on, so trivial but I still had to address them all, it got time consuming after a while. Some people have the managing gift, I don't. Please ignore my negativity here, I'm sure you'll be fine, just put your "boss" hat on before you go to work, and don't forget it's there.

    Also, thank you so much for reading my blog AND commenting! It's funny I really enjoy doing it, but it is so thrilling for me when I get comments and to know that some one is actually reading my blog.

    After I read about you and Jackal going for the walk and picking blackberries, you had said something about continuous shooting on your camera and low and behold I have that too! I have to say though, it is very hard for me to throw the ball, pick up the camera, attempt to aim and shoot in a very short amount of time. I need more space. I also bought a lightweight 20 ft. leash for the front yard. :-) (sorry Fred) My little golden chain tree is centered in the front yard so it's hard for him to get all wrapped up, now I can relax and get work done with Fred still with me. Well, I've rambled long enough here, have a great work week and good luck!

  3. Congratulations on your promotion. I hope the promotion is a sign of a change in the direction of your life toward a better and easier one. It seems Jackal enjoys learning tricks. So, do I!

  4. Congratulations on your promotion, I'm sure you'll handle it just fine. Glad your hub's back is doing better too.

    Jackal sounds like he's really a character. Training him must be very amusing. Smart pup.

    Can't believe someone would be nasty to you on a blog comment, what's wrong with people anyway. Don't let it bother you, if you ignore them they don't come back.

  5. I haven't been commenting on your blogs because the comments haven't been working. So glad they are working today, because I want to tell you how happy I am that things are working out! I was worried. You had so many bad things happening all at once. And Faran seems like a neat horse. I like reading the blogs about him as much as Chrome's.

  6. I am happy for you that things are looking up and you aren't looking at having to move. Hope things keep looking up for you!

  7. Icky people with stupid comments. Bah! Sounds like things are moving forward for both of you in a really good way and I am happy to read about it.

    Jackal sounds totally adorable. I have actually found place to be a rather difficult command to get duration on. Dexter will bounce on and off his mat like a dervish and Mango doesn't seem to even understand there is a mat there.

    Mango Momma

  8. I'm glad things are starting to look a little better for you guys. and I hope you like your new position!!!

    I can't say I use the Go mat trick all that much, but it is extremely helpful when I do need it!

  9. Do you mind if I borrow some photos of Chrome for a little photoshop adventure?

    Mango Momma

  10. Oh, I'm so happy to hear about your promotion! You've been having such a tough time lately that it's so good to hear of something nice happening to you - you so deserve it!

    And I agree - I can't understand why people have to be horrible. It's almost like they make themselves feel bigger by putting others down, I think. I've been lucky in not getting it much on Honey's blog but boy, do I get a lot of nasty comments on our YouTube videos!! They really upset me sometimes and sometimes I get so fired up I want to reply but I keep telling myself that it's exactly what these trolls want so the best thing is to ignore them!! :-)

    Anyway, congrats on your new promotion and good news about your husband too!



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