Monday, November 21, 2011

Cute Dogs Make NaNo Difficult - Day 21 NaNo Word Count

Okay, these adorable faces make writing very difficult. However, today I resisted. I wrote 6,357 words today for a total of 30,142 for day twenty one of NaNo ( I'm still about 8,000 words behind schedule, but I'm off tomorrow and it's going to be raining all day again so I'll try to write a lot again. For now I need sleep!

Oh and yes I wrote ZERO words the last three days. You probably thought I just forgot to post about it, but nope I'm a slacker lol.

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  1. Yup, I'd be seriously distracted by those cute faces too. I hit writer's block mid-NaNo. I don't like my last couple of chapters, and I know I need to just keep writing, but it's hard to resist going back to fix it instead of moving forward. Maybe I should just make my main character hang from a chandelier in a clown outfit doing tricks until I come up with the next real direction the story should take.


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