Tuesday, January 17, 2012

30 Before 30 - #3 Completed!

I completed #3 on my 30 Before 30 Bucket List yesterday!! So you don't have to go back and look at the list here is number three:

3. Go to a live horse race. It would be really cool to go to a big race like the Kentucky Derby, but I don't see that happening so I'll be happy just going to the track that is around two hours from here. I don't know why I've never gone before. Although I do want to go to a horse race that does not mean that I agree with a lot of things that happen at them, such as riding horses under the age of three. It's just something I've wanted to experience since I was a little kid.

Here is a picture:

It wasn't a big race, but I still had a lot of fun. It was great seeing all of the gorgeous horses (I was totally in love with one of the pony horses lol - picture below).

Gorgeous pony horse that I wanted to take home lol!
Oops forgot to take out the rider's face . . . pretend you don't see her lol.

It was funny, being there brought back memories from when I was a kid and I was totally into horse racing (before I knew how cruel it can be) and wanted to be a pony horse rider. :D I wasn't brave enough to ride the racehorses in my head, but I was game for the pony horses lol.

I'm glad I didn't bet (not the gambling type) because every horse I picked came in last or second to last hehe. My favorite of the racehorses was a gorgeous dappled gray (don't remember his name or anything) that came in second to last and the only reason he did that is because the last horse was injured and stopped during the race. It was so sad seeing them get hurt. We saw two injuries. The first one happened just down the track from where I was standing (the second I only saw on video replay because it happened on the other side of the track) and his knee was over bending back and to the inside. :( I don't know if it was broken or some sort of ligament/tendon injury. I just hope he was okay. That's the main reason I don't like horse racing is because they race babies and those amazing Thoroughbreds don't deserve to be used and thrown out like that all for the sake of money. Anyway I'll get off my soapbox. I know some people do good by their horses (in racing), but I do wish they would make it illegal to race them under four years old.

So here is the cutie I liked who came in second to last. Sorry about the faces. I don't like posting strangers pictures on my blog. Just seems wrong somehow LOL! We're all focused on the cute horse's face anyways. :)

Isn't he adorable??

They went right past us in the post parade.

Another thing I didn't like . . . do you see all of the blood in his mouth?

My guess is that it's from the lip chain. All of the pony horses had those leather things on their shoulders to protect them from the racehorses trying to bite them. And then there were the pony horses' gear. There were some harsh bits in use and look at this one below . . . chain tie down???

Cute braid, but harsh equipment. I'm guessing the rub on his shoulder is from a blanket.

So anyway here is my favorite breaking from the gate . . .

Look at how high out of the saddle the jockey is. Yikes!

And crossing the finish line last (second of last if you count the injured horse).

So anyway I had fun when I wasn't thinking about the cruelties. I'll probably not go back simply because I'm not a gambling person and I don't really support horse racing. I guess if I got the opportunity to go to the Kentucky Derby I might, but aside from that I'll probably avoid the track. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed seeing it all in person. It was a gorgeous day for the middle of January and aside from the injuries nothing bad happened. Everyone was kind to the horses (well aside from harsh tack and lip chains). It was neat seeing how tiny the little racing saddles are and watching them tack up in the paddock. I had no idea racing saddles used an overgirth. Check out this picture. It shows several things. First how close we were to the horses in the paddock (you can see people's shoes on the other side to see how high it was) by my hand in the picture (yes did it on purpose for perspective). You can also see how tiny the saddle is and the white overgirth they use.

So all in all it was pretty much like I expected it to be (although seeing a horse break down in person on the track was horrifying, was not expecting that at all although I guess I shouldn't be surprised) and I enjoyed seeing what the track was like. I just wanted to take all of those horses home though so they could have the chance to live like real horses. :) Anyway, sorry if this post came across as negative or "soapbox"ish. I tried not to, but I want to be honest.


  1. LOL, my friends dragged me to a horse track one day. Said they couldn't wait to show me!!!!! Yeah, after the first race, we were down by the fence closest. A groom came to get his horse and then the horse dropped dead RIGHT in front of me. Needless to say, I never went back and I will never forget that day. I still watch racing on TV here and there. But I do feel sorry for most race horses. Only a few get to live a great life. But it is interesting to see in person at least once. And yes, if I was invited to the Kentucky Derby I too would go:) Thanks for the blog!

  2. Id like to go some time too. Id like it and hate it with a passion.:)

  3. what gorgeously beautiful horses, wonderfully photographed!!!!!!!!!

    oh yes, surely they do not have the phantastic life as yours and my horses....!!

    When is your magnificient 30thst...???
    All my very, very best wishes, cara!!!!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  4. That's great that you could get up close for such good pictures. I grew up at the race tracks because my father and grandfather were gamblers, and the crowds were so thick that I often got lost and my father had to come find me. Without the horses, it would be a nasty place. Way too much cigarette and cigar smoke and trash because everyone just wadded up their losing tickets and threw them on the ground.

  5. Janine, that's horrible!! Did they ever say what happened to the poor horse? I don't blame you for never wanting to go back after that happened.

    Emme, hehe you sounds just like me. :)

    Elvira, thank you. I turn thirty in three and a half years so I have a while to complete my list.

    NuzMuz, the cigarette and cigar smoke was horrible!! I kept holding my jacket over my face to filter the air so I could breathe but I still ended up with a massive headache. And yes there was trash everywhere. People are so inconsiderate and dumb. Luckily since we went on a day they are not normally open (since it was a holiday) it wasn't that busy. If we got in place ten minutes before each race we could get a great spot on the rail right by the starting gates or finish line. There was also a sort of balcony that was perfect for getting shots over people's heads if we zoomed in. It was so cool being so close to them though. :D Thanks for your comment!

  6. They did not say. But 99.9% it's usually a aortic rupture, or aneursym. That's how the die so fast. This horse was gone before it hit the ground. My friends were all horrified and felt horrible they had now brought me, LOL!!!!! Since, I so love horses:)

  7. wow – I have never heard of the "30 before 30 list" before but what a great idea!! I'd love to do something similar! Do you just make up the items on the list yourself or is the challenge list somewhere that you are supposed to aim for?
    I was looking at some of the items on your listand we have such similar interests/aspirations! :-)


  8. Hsin-Yi I don't know if I ever answered your question, but you just make up the items yourself. Whatever you have always wanted to do. :D


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