Sunday, January 29, 2012


Yep, this was the only picture I had of me and Jackal on the camera . . . lazy! I promise I will get the video of our 2011 tricks, but right now I'm so busy cleaning all of the clutter out of my house in preparation for a huge yard sale I'm having with a friend. So my house is a bit of a disaster area at the moment! I might try to get some video outside, but some of the tricks require indoor props, so we will see. I'll try to get it done though. Sorry it's taking so long.


  1. Jackal's so cute c: My dog snuggles with me all of the time . Of course he'll leave me in a second to go with someone who actually has a blanket. :P

  2. Aww....I just LOVE this picture! It's so gorgeous and you look so beautiful and that soft lighting is just lovely, gives a wonderful sense of atmosphere...



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