Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Digital Picture Frame & Cute Jackal Picture

Yes, I still have not taken down my Christmas tree lol.

I got an awesome digital picture frame as a gift and I love it! Here's the box . . .

Here is a closeup of the frame . . .

It's so pretty. :D I have to do some research on it though because my pictures are too bright with too much contrast. The settings take some figuring out, but I'll get there. And here is an adorable picture of Jackal. He's such a wimp with this cold weather lol.


  1. I think Fred and Jackal would get along just fine, That's so cute! Neat picture frame too! Good luck figuring it out...

  2. I have my Christmas tree also in the living-room yet :) And I'm not taking it off until 13th of January when the Christmas really ends here in Finland (although some thought it already ends on 6th, but they are wrong :))



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