Monday, April 9, 2012

Dining With a Squirrel

We had lunch with this cutie pictured above. :D My husband and I went to the lake to eat lunch and while we we're eating I was taking pictures of the wildlife. I spotted this pretty girl climbing down a tree and started taking pictures.

She played around in the grass, browsing for snacks.

However she was clearly watching us!

One of us startled her and she darted back up a tree.

She stretched out and was resting, so I started looking around for more wildlife. When I finally looked to see what she was doing I realized she was gone. I looked around and finally spotted her in a tree that was even closer, peeking around at us (wish that photo had turned out!).

She finally started climbing slowly back down the tree.

She was totally checking us out!

She browsed around some more . . .

. . . and then out of the blue she started trotting toward us!

You totally have to check out the video to see what happened next!!

Can you believe how brave she was?? My guess is that she's been fed before by visitors to the park. That's the closest I've ever been to a wild squirrel. She was so cute! :D Here are some more pictures.

She's so beautiful! I think she's a Fox Squirrel.
Where I grew up we only had Gray Squirrels so it was cool to see her.

Yummy bread! Look at her beautiful coat!!

So that was the coolest thing to happen to me in a while! :D Sooooo glad I had my camera with me. I've learned to never go to the park/lake without it lol.


  1. I love hubby's last comment there "If you get bit I'm not taking you to the doctor". And they said chivalry was dead...he he
    Yep, I would say she's had pretty good luck at that little picnic area. Such a cute little thing, and healthy looking too.

  2. That was cute squirrel :) Here the squirrels are very brave and some are just plain rude :D The park near us has squirrels who climb on to you (one has climbed on my partner and stuck its head in his pocket where he kept nuts) and some might even go into your shopping bags to steal your food :D Little rascals. They fear nothing. Always if you walk there you are surrounded by squirrels and ducks who are trying to have a easy meal from you. We almost got one duck to follow us home, he just didn't believe we hadn't have anything to give :D


  3. I might have to report you. Many of your doggie readers would consider this an act of treason.

    Mango Momma

  4. What a cute and brave little squirrel! Those kinds are the only kind we have around here, one in a while I will see a black squirrel.

    We have squirrels in Detroit that will climb right in my work! More than once I have caught a squirrel on a coworkers desk on the third floor! Probably didn't help that she constantly put food right on with window sill for it.

    Those are awesome pics!!

  5. Hehe Mango Momma! I wondered if someone would report me. ;) Jackal and Stormy weren't there though so they can't be blamed hehe.

  6. AMAZING that she came up so close!! :-)


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