Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jackal 40 Tricks Video!!

I finally put together a video of all the tricks/behaviors that Jackal knows, including the ones he learned last year for my 12 tricks in a year challenge. I might do a separate video for those eventually too. Check it out and let me know what you think! I hope you can watch it. I'll warn you though it's 13.5 minutes long!

I left the bloopers in it because it makes it more interesting, not to mention funny. :D This was his first time doing most of his tricks outdoors so I was using the clicker to keep his attention. I don't regularly use the clicker on most of these tricks since he knows them so well. Some of the more recent ones I'm still working on certain criteria like duration so I do use the clicker on those. We still need to refine some of them, but he did a fantastic job in my opinion. :)

P.S. This was all done over two days. I didn't ask him to do that much in one long session!


  1. I think you could have counted sneezing as a trick too :)

  2. That video was really nice! I got lots of ideas from it :) Thank you.


  3. My favorite part was hearing the turkeys in almost every trick. Good video!


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