Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garden Growing

Our garden is growing and looking so awesome. :D Here are some pictures. Captions are above the pictures. You can click to enlarge.

Our square foot garden . . .

And it covered in stuff that keeps it from freezing if the temps drop suddenly.

Our strawberries . . .

Our little peach tree.

The remains of our fall garden . . .

Some of our cabbages are trying to make heads, but most of it bolted when it got hot, so we're basically letting everything from last fall go to seed.

Also I totally forgot to mention we got a tractor! We got a really good deal on it and it's already paying for itself. Without it we never would have gotten the horse barn fixed! It's also going to save us a ton of money in brush hogging the pasture. Paying someone to brush hog for us costs about $300 plus and we need to do it several times a year to keep the weeds from taking over. So it will pay for itself quickly. My husband loves it! Looks how cute it is pulling our tiny little Gorilla cart. :D

And we used it to build a new garden bed!! We used the bucket to get some old horse manure from the barn on the lease land. Once it cooks down we will be planting pumpkins here. :D

My pictures of the gooseberries, blueberries and blackberries didn't turn out. I'll have to try to get more pictures later when the sun isn't so bright. :)


  1. That looks so nice! I wish I would have my own yard with some flowers, herbs and vegetables growing in it. And of course some berry bushes and appel, cherry and blum trees :) Then I would need a cold cellar too.


  2. Wow!!! Great job! I look forward to seeing everything grow!

  3. sounds like you've got a really nice little place. Isn't it exciting to watch things grow?

  4. Awesome! Everytime I try to grow plants they die. I mean just flat out die. Once my grandma gave us this potted plant she had for a while and on the first day it went from petals to dried grass.


    ~Brooke {via The Dove Tree}


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