Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How do you self motivate?

 Note:  None of these pictures have anything to do with the post lol.

 One of Jackal's favorite "beggar eyes" poses.  He's snuggled up to my husband's foot, watching him eat and giving him his best "I'm starving to death" expression.  :D

I have been totally unable to get myself motivated the last two days (my two days off) to do anything!!  All I've felt like doing is playing computer games, xbox games or read my book.  In my defense I've had the most horrible sinus headaches (like can't even have the lights in the room on) both days (probably due to a line of storms that moved through - we needed the rain, but it's done a number on my allergies).  By the time I can get rid of the headaches (laying down in a dark room, ice pack on my head along with allergy/pain meds) I just don't feel like doing anything. 

 Jackal checking out our harvest of acorn squash and Amish pie squash (they grew too close together and pushed each other off the vine before they turned orange).  We've already harvested 35 pounds of green beans, acorn squash, Amish pie squash, cucumbers, summer squash and peppers (japalena, banana and serano) from our garden this year and it's only June! 

 I did clean house (laundry, dishes, trash, etc.), have the horses' hooves trimmed, rode Chrome and helped my husband put up snow fence around the gardens so the ducks will stop killing everything we're trying to plant (dang ducks!), but that's all I've done.  So my question is:  how do you self motivate yourself?  There are things I wanted to do like work out, walk the dogs (which I probably will do later when it cools off since my headache is gone), clicker training with dogs and horses, etc.  It's sooooo hot and humid outside that it's hard to get the energy to do much outside unless it's early in the morning (that's when we put up the fence) or late at night (that's when I've been riding horses or walking dogs).  So any tricks for getting yourself up off the couch (or bed) and doing something productive and useful when all you want to do is take a nap or hide out with a book??

Another useful thing I did do is brush Jackal.  I haven't been able to find my Furminator (yeah again, I know!), so I used my horse's curry comb on him!!!  Look how well it worked (sorry Jackal's fur blends in with my concrete porch).  I then used my horse's stiff brush and used it to get the loose hair and dandruff (his coat is sooo dry!) off.  It worked so well.  :D

So anyway, I'll try to get motivated to read blogs (I have over 800 posts to read, probably going to have to stop following so many unfortunately . . . ) and post in my blogs more!  Thanks for reading!


  1. I totally hear ya on the motivation thing. But for me it's the darn wet, cold weather that has me really unmotivated. I can't do anything outside like ride my horses or yard work, so I have been stuck inside cleaning and doing laundry. I really wish it would warm up around here!
    It's definitely hard to get motivated when your not feeling good. I hope you start feeling better!!

  2. That happens to me too (more often than I would care to admit). I have a day off and I expect to get a lot done and then I feel like doing NOTHING.

    I find the best way to get started is to keep breaking tasks down smaller and smaller until I get to one I can actually motivate to do. Something like this...

    Clean the living room, just clean without going under stuff, just vacuum, just tidy up, just carry your ^&*! coffee cup into the kitchen.

    Sometimes that works.

  3. I get this too sometimes and I work for myself too so I have to find ways of motivating myself. Sometimes I approach it like clicker and think well if I do several things on the list I can have a treat, like coffee out at a coffee shop :)


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