Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Camera

I don't remember if I mentioned it but my nice digital camera that my husband gave to me as a wedding present three years ago is having issues.  It's called a lens control error and is going to cost quite a bit to get repaired.  It still works sometimes, but from what I've read it will get worse and worse.  So I got a cheap compact Samsung digital camera that is 14 mega pixels with a 5x optical zoom in case it dies so I won't be completely without a camera.  It will be cool to have one I can carry around in my purse too.  :D

So anyway here are some pictures from the new camera.  I think they turned out pretty nice!!  All I did to them was crop them and add a watermark so they can be considered straight off the camera.  :)

 My husband's gorgeous eyes.  :D

The last harvest of green beans from our garden.  I should have got a shot from the side too.  They are in a standard horse bucket.  I forget how big they are . . . I think a gallon or two.  We will use these as treats for the horses.

 Our first harvest of corn from the garden.  My husband said it tastes great (I don't like corn).

 One of our young male Muscovy ducks.

And some pictures of my gorgeous dogs!  First the outtakes . .  .

 Silly Jackal's tongue is sticking out.

Haha!  This cracked me up!!

Storm giving her intense "wolf" stare and Jackal just being . . . weird.

 And finally the good ones.  :)

My gorgeous puppies!

 Looking good for a dog who is going to turn twelve years old in nine days!!

I still think Siberian Huskies are one of the most beautiful breeds of dog on the planet!  ;D


  1. Yes, siberians are the most beautiful. makes up for all the other stuff we have to put up with!

    i saw these on FB and LOVED them. very good set of shots. Lovin' Storm's intense looks too... she looks great for 12!

  2. LOL, they look so cute and lovely on their pictures, nice photography and congratulations on your new camera, keep on capturing your sweet moments.

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