Monday, June 25, 2012

Jackal like to swim!

 Sorry all of these pictures are poor quality, they were taken with my cell phone.  

My husband was working on Faran's bridle and put some stuff aside. . . on Jackal lol!  He didn't move except to give me this pleading look (above).  He went to the lake with us a few weeks ago and went for a swim (below)!  We had been walking for a while so he was hot and thirsty.  When I took him to the lake boat ramp my friend let her dog go swimming so I decided to let Jackal join her (I don't really like him going in ponds or lakes because of his tendency to get yeast/bacterial infections in his ears).  He had so much fun!

He started off with just laying in it to cool off (he's on a concrete boat ramp).

 And then he went swimming out to my friend and her dog.  I love his tail sticking straight up.
Oh and my friend is taller than I am so that water is deeper than it looks and Jackal is only 19 inches tall.

He's laying down in the last picture.  I think he was shaking his head or just about to stand up or something lol.

We had fun!  The crazy thing is he didn't smell like a wet dog and his coat was so soft afterward.  Weird!


  1. Summertime! And you can't beat a cool swim!

  2. Hmm. Not sure about the whole "getting wet" thing. Unless it's walking in the rain. I love that. Or even better - SNOW!
    If our heat keeps it up, I might have to give this a try...
    Play bows,


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