Friday, February 8, 2013

Learning to be a real photographer....

I'm so excited!  My mom introduced me recently to a friend of her's from school and we've hit it off so well.  She is teaching me to take pictures with my camera in manual setting where I set the ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture by myself!  She also let me shoot pictures with her awesome Canon, but I'll have to show you those pictures later because she hasn't sent them to me yet.  I'm so excited to have someone explain all of this to me because I never could figure out how ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture all worked together by reading about it on the internet.  I think I'm finally figuring it out.  Anyway I'll let the pictures speak for me.... what do you think??


I'm sooo LOVING living back in my old hometown.  All of these pictures were taken from my PORCH!!!!!  I've missed all of the wildlife.  :D 


  1. I'm a lot older than you, and when I took photography in college, I bought myself a manual 35mm. I learned all of it, and I got such awesome pictures. I still don't have my own digital camera, and I sometimes use my old camera.

    It is a lot more fun than just pointing and shooting, but action shots can be challenging, as I had to focus it by hand, too. Unless it was very sunny so I could keep a small aperture and a fast shutter speed, it was easy to end up with a blurry subject.

    It is nice to have more control with your photos. I'm glad you have someone to help you--as I certainly could see it would be a hard concept to grasp from just reading.

  2. Your pictures are already amazing. I can't imagine how good they will be when you learn more about your camera.


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