Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 Goals & Updated 30 Before 30 List!

Everyone thought it was perfectly okay for me to change my 30 before 30 list so here's the new list!

30 Before 30

1. Take Chrome on an overnight camping trip.
2. Stand in two places at once.  COMPLETED 1-3-13
3. Go to a live horse race.  COMPLETED 1-16-12
4.  Participate in a cattle drive (with Chrome or on one of their horses)
5.  Ride a/my horse on a beach.
6.  Take a trip on an actual train.
7.  Ride/drive a horse drawn carriage/wagon/sleigh.
8.  Go out on a sailboat.
9.  See/Pet/Swim with trained or wild dolphins.
10.  Print out a coffee table book of my photos.  COMPLETED 11-14-12
11.  Learn more about photography.
12.  Learn American Sign Language.
13.  Do something special for my fifth wedding anniversary.
14.  Learn some sort of dancing (belly dancing, ballroom dancing, etc.)
15.  Learn to play the piano.... again.
16.  Learn to paint (oil, watercolor, etc.) and paint a mural in my new house.
17.  See cross country in person, like WEG.
18.  Train a horse from weaning to basics under saddle.
19.  Take dressage lessons on Chrome.
20.  Teach Chrome to pull a wagon/carriage/buggy/etc.
21.  Take Chrome to an SCA event!
22.  Take Chrome to a Competitive Trail Ride and finish safely.
23.  Take the class and get my concealed carry license.
24.  Ride a purebred Friesian!
25.  Conquer my stage fright and show Chrome in a local dressage schooling show.
26.  Learn archery (bonus if I can do it on horseback!)
27.  Have my own adorable little Papillon puppy!
28.  Go zip-lining!
29.  Finish building my new house.
30.  Go kayaking!

I took out the things I had like working on my self confidence and learning to live in the moment because those are things I will probably be working on my whole life and it's impossible to show proof/share with you on the blog lol.  I want to try and learn new things so I tried to focus on things like that.  :D

And here are my goals for 2013!

1. Work on my 30 Before 30 list.
2. Finish building my new house and sell my old one.
3. Teach Jackal a new Canine Freestyle routine.
4. Continue to learn, practice and improve my photography skills.
5.  Go fishing with my dad and my husband lots and lots!!!!  ;)

I did terrible on last year's goals and didn't complete a single one so we won't even go into that lol!!  What are your goals, plans or resolutions for the new year?


  1. Goof luck with your goals! I too would like to learn archery :) My partner even gave me a birthday present few years ago that he would pay my lessons but I haven't have enough time for it yet :(


  2. I think your list sounds doable. Good luck with it. For me I would guess just continuing to ride and learn from my horses. Although, I'd like to learn to be a better photographer too.

  3. I might be able to help you with #7 Ride/drive a horsedrawn carriage/wagon/sleigh.

    If you are in the Phoenix area and would be ok with a 2 wheel cart vs. a 4 wheel carriage/wagon, I would be glad to have you climb on and ride with me and willing to hand over the reins if you were comfortable enough with it.

  4. Aww Cut-N-Jump you are so sweet! Unfortunately I live on the opposite side of the States, but if I'm ever in the area I'll definitely let you know. :D Thank you!!

  5. I set up that blog to sort of log my training with my pony for driving. He has been easy so I can admit being spoiled with him and I tend to forget- not all of them are.

    You might look into ADS, the American Driving Society. There is a lot of driving on the Eastern side of the states. Surely there has to be a trainer close by. Lessons are a good way to start, just like riding. Get a feel for it and see how much you like it. It is expensive, addicting and a wicked amount of FUN! Totally worth it!

  6. Actually I might have a lead on a trainer to teach me how to drive, but it won't be until summer... I'll let you know more then. :D


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