Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Tack Shed

 I forgot to post these pictures from a little while ago when we built a new tack shed at the new place (it was before my husband officially got the job, but we were planning on moving regardless if he got that job or some other one).  It was freezing cold and we had to build it in two days so we worked hard.... well I took breaks to take pictures of the pups as you will see hehe.

 I know it's blurry but it's so awesome I had to post it.  It looks like they are bouncing off of each other LOL!

This is awesome!  I got all three of them running together!  I just wish Jackal hadn't been cut out...

 Storm always has the most expressive face!  What do you think she's thinking here?

 This expression is easy to read!  She's giving me the stink eye for calling her back lol.

So I guess I should show you the tack shed LOL!
The foundation.

 Jackal supervising from on top of the foundation.  :)

 He finally gave up and was sunbathing.....

 ..... and dozed off lol.

 My hubby sorting the pieces.

 Walls up!

 Working on the roof.

 It's coming together.  We were freezing, but it was worth it.

 Mac gives the stink eye too!

 My hubby took a break to warm his fingers in Jackal's fur.  :)

 Is he not the cutest??

 The roof was tedious!

All finished!!  One of the parts on the door was too long so we weren't able to put those on.  We will get to it eventually lol.

Well I hoped you enjoyed seeing our hard work and our cute pups.  :D


  1. Dogs are wonderful as finger warmers ;D

    Such a nice pictures!


  2. People like your hubby who have carpentry and construction skills amaze me. It takes such an eye for detail and patience just to account for all the parts when you first start building something. I recently bought a new office chair and thought I was going to die assembling that thing. Ha ha! At one point I had to take it apart and start all over.


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