Monday, July 27, 2015

30 Before 30 - #1 and #26 Complete

I'm lumping both of my plant goals together.  :)  First up is indoor plants I can't kill... so far so good, but I won't promise I won't kill them eventually lol.  I'm trying really hard though.  Lots of research!  I did a post with more information on these plants along with pictures from Google here, but finally here are pictures of my actual plants.  :D

Hubby got me a plant light with a timer!  It's awesome!

My aloe in the foreground.  

I've almost killed my aloe by over watering and by putting it under direct light too quickly causing sunburn, but this survivor has come back better than ever after each mistake.  Love aloe!

My assorted succulents.  Not sure what they are besides the Jade.
There were others, but these are the ones that have survived.
Fingers crossed they last hehe.

My hens and chicks!  I have to figure out how 
to repot the chicks... I'm scared of killing them!

My Spider plant.  

The tips burned from not letting my water warm up to room temp, but now that I fixed that it's doing well.  I still need to repot it into a terracotta pot.

This is a cutting from the cactus I've had for six or seven years.  
I don't know what kind it is.  Those other pieces are Jade plant 
leaves that I'm trying to root.

My short snake plant, Peperomia and peace lily.

Peace Lilies

I've had the peace lilies for over six months now and they were doing fantastic, but after repotting them I'm having trouble with wilting... even after watering they don't stand all the way back up.  Not sure if it's the soil, too much water, too little water... working on it. Hope I can save them.

Peperomia!  Love this thing!!  It loves low light and neglect.  :)

Snake plant also loves low light and neglect.  
The lighter part wasn't there at all when I got this one.  
It's doing so well!!

The other peace lily... I hope I can save them...

Cast Iron Plant.  Loving this one!
It also love low light and neglect.  :)

My tall snake plant.  I love these!!  It's taller than my drawing desk.  :)

My indoor hanging succulent that is on my porch right now.  
It's doing great!  I've had this one almost two years.
I have no idea what it is!!!!

The only one I totally failed on was the Jade plant... I still have pieces of it that I'm trying to root, but it's not going well.  It makes me sad because it was one of my favorites.  I might try again later.

Next up is my garden.  It's actually part vegetable garden and part flower garden all thrown together.  I love it!  Since the front of my house is parking and the tornado shelter we decided to make the side yard our garden area.

We marked out where the fence will go with landscape paint.  It's a weird angle because of the shop building across from our house.  Also yes we still have to paint the rest of our siding dark brown lol.

 Then we brought in topsoil and aged horse manure as a base for...

 ... some leftover sod that was given to us.  :D

 We put out as much as we had and decided to make the rest a garden for now.

 This is a few weeks later showing how much the sod has grown.

 We planted our gooseberry bush that we've had for years in the corner.

 Then we planted all of my flowers and veggies that have been in pots on my porch all spring.
 Notice how small the tomatoes are so you can compare it to later pictures.

 Ornamental peppers are pretty, but also edible and very HOT!

 My Salvia loves being in the ground and has grown a lot!

 This is a really cool flower from my mother in law.  I forget what it is but it's so pretty!

 Hubby tied up the gooseberry so we could mow around it.  
I liked it when it was sprawled out better...

 Jackal posing in front of the garden a while later.  
Look how much the tomatoes have grown!

 My pretty Vinca love our hot, humid weather!

 The tomatoes have gotten taller than the peach tree!

 My geraniums that I had in pots for a couple 
of years are doing great and about to bloom!

 This is my first time growing Vinca. It's so pretty!

 Look at how much my flowers from my mother in law have grown!!
I love the colors!

 The purple sweet potato vine has gotten huge too.

 Here are some of the ornamental peppers turning purple.

 Tomatoes!  Our first ripe tomato got eaten by a box turtle on the fourth of July hehe.

 Some of the tomatoes are shaped really weird!

 Our peach tree is several years old, but it's only been in the ground about two years.  It put on a ton of peaches this year, but they didn't get very big and one limb even snapped.  Oops.

 Jackal photobomb!

 So obviously my garden isn't fully grown, but since my birthday is in the middle of summer it will have to do for my list.  There are more peppers and eggplants, but I forgot to get specific pictures.  I'll update again when we get the fence up around our yard and when the plants are mature.  :)  I almost forgot to say.. the other flowers in my garden are Shasta Daisy, Butterfly Bush, Lantana and Delphinium.


  1. A long time friend of my family, Ed Skrocki, was a huge breeder of hens and chickens--and one of the best known in the country. My mother used to help him pot them up for sale--decades ago. It is actually possible you have a relative of his.

    We used to have hundreds growing in my yard, but the deer ate them once they moved in.

    Anyway, all you need to do is just break the babies away and put them in a separate pot--it really is that easy. They are very tough little plants, and I don't think you can harm them.

    1. Oh wow that's so cool!! I'll give it a try! Thank you!


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