Saturday, July 25, 2015

30 Before 30 - #29 Complete

I finally found time to sit down and write my 40 Before 40 list and it was fun!  Aging is often not very fun, but I'm excited about this list so that makes it something to look forward to instead of something to dread.  :)

First I want to say eventer79 made me laugh with the comment about putting "make a list" on my list.  You just don't understand how much of a list addict I am!  I love making lists.  I'm one of those people who writes a "to do" list and then when I do something that wasn't on the list I add it just so I can mark it off lol.  I have post it notes full of lists stuck to the wall next to my desk.  :)  So thanks for making me laugh eventer79!!

For my 40 Before 40 list I decided to break it up into categories.  It helps me stay organized and helps keep things diverse because all of my lists tend to be very Chrome oriented to the point of excluding other things.  So without further rambling, here it is.

40 Before 40


1.  Visit the Grand Canyon
2.  Ride on a sailboat
3.  Visit Canada (do you need a passport for this?)
4.  See, pet or swim with dolphins
5.  Ride a train on a multi day, multi state trip

Try New Things I've Never Done Before

6.  Ride/drive a jet ski
7.  Try Paintball
8.  Become confident driving a standard on the road (because I still haven't......)
9.  Go kayaking on a river instead of a lake
10. Donate blood (yeah haven't ever done this... always been afraid of needles, but I'm getting over it with my annual blood work)
11. Ride in or drive a convertible
12. Get a massage
13. Do a color run 5k
14. Drive a horse in harness
15. Try something new that hubby has never done, but always wanted to try even if I've done it before so we can do it together (thought that sentence would never end huh?)


16. Learn 1000 ASL signs (100 down, 900 to go hehe)
17. Own and learn to use a DSLR camera
18. Relearn how to play piano (especially Fur Elise and Disney songs) and play grand/baby grand piano
19. Complete the 2015 Reading Challenge and read 500 books between my 30th and 40th birthday
20. Take my art to a show of some sort, like a fair
21. Paint a picture of Chrome, Jackal and Storm (separately, not one big picture)
22. Learn to draw humans!
23. Learn more about illustration and possibly do the illustrations for one of my own stories
24. Complete a whole sketchbook and participate in challenges (such as 365 challenge or 30 day challenge or a sketch a week for a year or draw the first thing you see on Pinterest)
25. Have someone other than family read/review one of my completed novels


26. Take Chrome and Jackal camping (together or separate)
27. Reach Jackal's goal weight (50-55lbs)
28. Haul Chrome in a trailer to someplace other than the vet (separate from the camping trip)
29. Teach Chrome to neck rein
30. Take lessons on Chrome (doesn't matter what discipline) or go to a clinic
31. Teach Chrome to bow
32. Gallop Chrome
33. Photo shoot on Chrome in a dress
34. Compete Chrome in something (dressage schooling show, trail challenge, anything I want)
35. Teach Chrome and Jackal 5 or more new tricks and get a video of them all

P.S. All of those apply to Rocky too if hubby is interested in doing any of them.  :)


36. Finish our house
37. Have a new horse trailer
38. Build a horse barn!
39. Buy/adopt or rescue a Papillon
40. Have my own miniature horse!

Something I thought was really cool is that I wrote a list in September of 2013 and just now when I looked back over it I realized I completed some things on it already!  I walked a half marathon, visited the Kentucky Horse Park, took a tour through a cavern and learned calligraphy!  Two of those even got added to my 30 Before 30 list hehe.

So there's the list!  I'm really looking forward to checking them off!  ;)

P.S.  I almost forgot to mention I reorganized my bucket list page (link here) and even put up a video of me petting a shark that I've never shared on the blog. :D

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