Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Garden Update

 Our first pumpkin from the garden!!!

It is 24.6 pounds!  It is a Yellow of Paris pumpkin so it's not supposed to be orange.  Isn't it awesome??

The garden has done so well.  I'm so pleased with it.  I've lost count of everything, but we've gotten at least 38 acorn squash, 12 butternut squash, around 20 spaghetti squash, a bunch of yellow squash, cucumbers and zucchini,  as well as miscellaneous other squash.  We've gotten a tomato, a bunch of okra, two watermelons and four eggplants.  That's only the beginning.  There will be a lot more to come. Check out these pictures.

See the acorn squash that was eaten on?  That's from Scuff, our resident box turtle....

Luckily he decided he's not really a fan of them because he hasn't eaten any others, but he LOVES cucumbers.  Did I ever tell you guys the story about Scuff and how he got his name?  I got in my car back in April to head to work.  As I was backing out of my parking spot I went over a big bump!!  I freaked out thinking I'd run over the cat.  I jumped out of my car and ran around to the passenger side.  It was a box turtle!  I'd run over him!!  I moved him to the grass and watched him for a minute. He popped out of his shell and seemed fine.  I figured I'd never see him again and was worried he would still die for some reason.  To my surprise I've seen him several times.  Once was in the garden and another time I saw him tipping over the cat's bowl to eat the cat food.  That little turtle is living the life!  I'm glad he's okay.  I can't even get mad about the cucumbers he's eaten because I'm just glad I didn't kill him by running over him!!

Anyway back to the garden.  The blueberry bush and apple tree are producing like crazy but I forgot to get pictures.  Check out the gourds.  They went from about six inches tall to almost four feet in about a week!

 I have to stand on my tip toes and hold the camera as high as I can reach to get a picture of the whole garden now that everything has gotten so tall hehe.

 More food from the garden.  It's so weird seeing yellow acorn squash because I'm so used to the green ones from the store.  They are soooo good though!!!  The spaghetti squash is a million times better than the ones at the store too.

 I should have rotated those last two.  You can see the tomato and okra in that last picture.  I have missed gardening!!  It's so fun to produce our own food again.  :D


  1. What a fantastic garden! I hope mine is least half as good as yours. Our growing season is a lot shorter, of course. Mine is only starting to really grow, now, and I won't get much produce until August. I don't envy you for your terribly hot summers, but those summers must be great for the garden.


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