Friday, July 15, 2016

Goat Weights & Pictures

 This is a cell phone picture if that tells you how close he was!

Rebel really impressed me last Monday. After work we went out and herded them into a pen so that we could trim hooves, weigh them and deworm them.  As you can see from the pictures Rebel was calm and even approaching me and letting me pet him on the face even though he was trapped.  Yankee on the other hand was freaking out so bad he was throwing himself into the fence... hence why I have no pictures of him....

Look at those horns!!

We weighed Rebel, Yankee and Jasper.  Rebel was a shocker at a whopping 125lbs!!!  Wow!  Pygmy bucks are only supposed to be between 60-80lbs.  We are beginning to think maybe they are Spanish/Pygmy crosses because of their size and the twist to their horns.

This is a Spanish buck.  See the similarities?

They aren't pure Spanish though because they are half the size of a purebred, so I definitely think they have pygmy in them.  They could even be Spanish/Nigerian Dwarf.  Not sure.  I don't really care, but I definitely wasn't expecting them to weigh that much.  Yankee weighed 100 pounds so he's a bit smaller.

They get so hot with that thick hair.  I wish I could shave them, but the only clippers I have that are powerful enough are the ones I use on my parent's Yorkie.  I'm sure they don't want stinky goat hair in their clippers haha.  You might notice blood on Rebel's horns and ears... that's from the headbutting and fighting he does with Yankee.  We had to treat multiple sores on Yankee's face.  :(  He's going to be fine though.  We are going to castrate them both this fall (when the flies aren't so bad) and let them be companions to Jasper once they've calmed down.  The plan was always to castrate them, we just never got around to it... kind of like with Zep.... sheesh I fail at castrating feral animals haha.

I snapped a picture of Jasper today, but it's awful because of the sun being overhead...

Speaking of Jasper we moved him to the small chicken pen in the horse pasture so that he can get used to Rebel, Yankee, Zep and the horses through the fence.  The first thing Chrome did was chew on him and try to pick him up by the tail...... sigh..... luckily he has lost interest and doesn't pester him anymore.  Sorry no pictures because it was raining.

Anyway the reason we moved him is because he's getting to the age where he could breed the does so he can't be out with them.  We also need to tame him down and that's impossible in a heavily wooded acre lot.  We also weighed him and he's 63 pounds at three months old!  Not bad!  :)

We are going to catch, weigh and deworm the girls this weekend.  We're also probably going to build a small catch pen inside their yard because Coral is so wary she won't let the younger does anywhere near us.  We're going to lock the younger does up until we can get them tame and eating some feed.  I don't want them to all be feral because that makes monitoring and birthing so much more difficult!  Not to mention moving them between lots.

So I'll update again tomorrow.

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