Saturday, July 2, 2016

Jackal Update

It's been two weeks since Jackal went to the vet (see last post).  He is doing much better.  He hasn't whined or cried since about day three, but he does still limp sometimes.  He isn't allowed to jump on the ottoman anymore so I got him a new bed.

 First time laying on it.

Hours later... I think he likes it haha.

He bit down on a pill that I hid in his food and since then has refused to eat his dog food and won't take any food out of my hand.  I had to go buy a new dog food that he's never had before just to get him to eat!! He went two days without food!!!!  Scared me to death.  This dog loves stressing me out.

I finally have him taking food out of my hand again.  He's only taking thyroid meds and Doxycycline now with Tramadol as needed. So no more steroids thank goodness.  That's the nasty tasting one he bit down on.  He hasn't had any pain meds in several days and he's still doing well, so that has me hopeful.  We are still not letting him run or jump.  He is only allowed to walk and he likes to lay in the sun outside.  He's already losing weight, so the higher dose of thyroid meds is definitely helping.  I can't wait to get it rechecked.  I hope it's not too high. I worry too much though.

All three pictures are from today.  Life is boring right now for him, but at least he's not in a lot of pain anymore.  Let's hope it stays that way.  I may have them do x-rays again in another couple of weeks just to see how things look.  We are definitely doing blood work again when he finishes his Doxycycline.

Anyway sorry for the disorganized update.  Just wanted to let you know he's doing okay.


  1. Glad to hear Jackal is feeling better. They do worry us. When I have to give a pill there are these little dog treats with an opening in the center where you stick the pill. They're called Pill Pockets. Might work for you and Jackal and make giving the meds easier.

  2. I've seen Pill Pockets before, but never used them. Hot dogs work just as well. I normally don't have problems giving him pills using the hot dogs, but my fingers were wet and those steroid pills start falling apart as soon as they get wet. It got on my fingers and then on the outside of the hot dog. That's what caused him to bite it and spit it out when normally he swallows it whole. It's my fault. He will get over it eventually. He's taking food from my hand again, but he doesn't swallow it whole anymore so for now we're just sticking them down his throat... :(

  3. I was going to recommend pill pockets too, I use them for our shepherd. Glad to hear Jackal is getting better :)


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