Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Beautiful Does (Headshots)!

I love taking close up head shots of my girls.

 I think Garnet should be a supermodel.  She is gorgeous!

 I just realized I didn't get any of Topaz.... probably because she is such a cuddle bug now I can't get her to stay off of us long enough for pictures.  Considering how feral all of these goats started out (literally not handled their entire lives except for routine maintenance), I'm amazed at how friendly and personable Topaz is.  She reminds me so much of me Jasmine that I used to have.  Garnet is not far behind her, but she's a little more wary.  She doesn't act terrified anymore and she will sniff our fingers, but she isn't up for full body scratches and petting yet.  She will get there though.

As for the others.... I have no hope at all that Coral will become friendly.  She was four or five when we got her and mostly untouched, so she's super suspicious of humans.  Her daughter Pearl is taking after her a lot.  Jade is still very skittish as well, but I'm guessing she might eventually come around.

These pictures are almost two months old by the way.  I'll get updated ones soon.


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