Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kitten Names!

I think you all know about the stray cat who had kittens in my horse hay.  I'm down to mamma cat and two kittens that I think I'm going to keep.  I've mentioned before that I named the mom Emerald (Emi for short) because of her gorgeous green eyes.  Now I think I have names for the two kittens I'm keeping (like I need five cats ugh!).

Emi stretching.  She's so small for a full grown cat.

So introducing....

Smokey, the female that looks like Gray Kitty.
Smokey is named after my mom's first cat.


Pharaoh, the only male kitten in the litter.
This is my new favorite photo!!!! I LOVE it!

I chose his name because I wanted something Eqyptian, he has huge ears like a Pharaoh hound and also because I love American Pharoah, the racehorse who won the Triple Crown.  :D

I was so sick of not having good pictures of the kittens (and goats) because I can't get close enough with my cell phone without disturbing their play (or scaring them off in the case of the goats), so I borrowed mom's camera.  I have missed having a camera SO MUCH!!!!!  Seriously I would sell a kidney for a camera right now!  Check out all of the pictures I got!

When I walked outside this is how I found them... they need to be weaned lol.

 Pharaoh watched me, but isn't afraid. 

 Smokey is much more skittish and starts to slink away.

She eventually gets used to me again (everyday...) and relaxes, but she's definitely shyer.

 Are they not just too adorable???

I love these next three.


 .... streeeeeetttttcccccchhhh.......


Want to know why he's attacking the rake?

 Because Smokey is behind it lounging in a shovel lol. 

 They are both wary sometimes.

 Stopping for a quick scratch break.

 He thought playing with the cactus was a good idea... he figured out his mistake quickly.

 The sunlight in this shot show how unique his markings are.  He's so gorgeous!

 I started talking and he turned around to meow at me... melts...

 Cute little Buddha belly hehe. 

 He is so cute I can't stand it! 

 I love the back lighting in these.

Then he spotted Jackal LOL!!  They don't like the dogs.

Aren't they adorable?  I'm so glad I finally have pictures because they grow out of this stage so quickly and I want to remember it.  I hope you enjoyed them!  Also I added them to the sidebar and the Other Pets page at the top of the blog.  :)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

More Goat Weights & Birth Dates

We set up a catch pen inside the girls' lot.  They are not happy about it lol!!  It's the only way we are going to be able to tame them though.  We set up an automatic waterer, their sulfur block, a feeder for their pellets and a feeder for their minerals.  There is also a chute for cornering and catching them.  We will be building a temporary shelter for them too, but there is no more rain in the forecast at the moment so we have time.  Eventually the pen will get taken back down.

The plan is to get them eating the pellets really well and then we will turn Coral loose.  At three or four years old I don't see her taming down and she just keeps the kids wound up.  Separating her will let her dry up and gain weight too.  Pearl needs to stop nursing.  We will keep the kids locked up until they are tame (or until we know which ones won't let us tame them... their babies will have to be bottle fed ugh).

 Coral eating pellets out of the feeder.

They all ate pellets, but I had to move out of sight so I didn't get any pictures of all of them.  Pearl didn't eat much, but she's nursing so she's not hungry.  Another reason to separate Coral from them.

Topaz getting a drink even though we were in the pen with them.

We managed to catch them all and weigh them.  The breeder also sent birth dates on most of them.  She mixed one up so we still don't have Topaz's.  Here are their birth dates and weights.

Coral - 129.4lbs at- 3/4 years
Pearl - 44.4lbs at 12 weeks and 5 days - 4-19-16
Jade - 29.4lbs at 13 weeks and 2 days - 4-14-16
Topaz - 53.4lbs at approx. 14 to 15 weeks
Garnet - 67.4lbs at 17 weeks and 6 days - 3-13-16

Jade is definitely on the small side, but she's a twin so that can account for some of it.  She will catch up eventually.  Coral is almost 130lbs and underweight from nursing.  I bet she could reach 140 to 150 when at a good weight.  We dewormed her too so hopefully with the feed and weaning she will put some weight back on quickly.  I was shocked at Topaz and Garnet's weights!  Garnet weighs more than Jasper, but she's older than him.

This is probably boring to most people, but my blogs have always been a way for me to keep records so there we go lol.

P.S.  I added a goat page at the top of the blog where all of the info is together and added Emi and the kittens to the Other Pets page up above.

Edited to add more pictures that were taken with an actual camera instead of crappy cell phone pictures.  I waited until a bit too late so some or dark and grainy.  Oh well.  Still better than cell phone pictures.


 Jasper and Yankee. 

 Yankee is in love!  He almost never leaves Jasper.

 Now the does.

 Pearl with Topaz in the background.


 Jade, Garnet and Topaz.

 Jade and Topaz.

 Garnet with Coral in the background.

 Garnet and Coral.

 Pearl and her mother Coral.

 Garnet and Topaz.


 Pearl and Jade (who is not stuck btw).


 From left to right, Topaz, Garnet and Coral.

 Topaz and Garnet

 Topaz with Garnet in the background.


 Topaz scratching her back.



Oh and while I was taking these I kept hearing a weird noise behind me that almost sounded like an engine approaching... I finally turned around and saw this....

He was purring so loud!