Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Fun Walk

Storm looking totally adorable begging but trying to look like she's not begging lol.

Sigh, I think I might be catching what my husband has, however I'm not going to dwell on it so I'll tell you what I did yesterday. I decided it had been entirely too long since I'd taken Chrome for a walk out in the neighborhood so I took him for a short walk. It was hot! I was about dead by the time I got home. I need to wait until later in the evening when it's cooler next time.

Chrome was very excited and a little spooky because he hadn't been out in a while but he behaved very well. I trotted him a few times and he did that incredible, floating, all four hooves off the ground trot! It was gorgeous! I wish someone had been there to video tape him because I've never seen him move out that well. I tried to get a video, but since I was running and trying to look back over my shoulder it didn't turn out. Below are the pictures I did manage to get. I think they turned out well considering I was running when I took them lol.

Can you tell I love my horse?

I really like how this picture turned out. Normally I don't like having pictures taken, but posing with my colt makes me put on a genuine smile instead of one of those fake 'I have to smile for the camera' smiles lol.

Chrome showing off his gorgeous neck!

Another not as good neck shot. He was really into checking things out. :)

I actually had the forethought to fly spray him before the walk so the flies attacked the only thing I didn't spray . . . his ears. :-/

My cutie.

Flagging his cute little tail. Do you see the white growing in the middle of it?

Another view of the white in his tail. He kept going to0 fast for me and leaving me behind lol.

I love this picture. His face looks so Friesian, but his dainty little legs and flagged tail look so Arabian.

Here he was feeling frisky and started to take a canter stride. I managed to snap the picture at the exact moment before he started trotting again. :) He's going to have such a huge canter under saddle I think.

These last two were blurry so I messed with them in GIMP and I like how they turned out. :)


  1. Beautiful photos!
    We hope you feel better!

  2. Great pictures, hope you feel better soon :)

  3. Hello! So sorry it's taken me so long to get here! I"ve been having a hectic time with work and stuff and haven't had much time to visit blog friends much...anyway, I think it's a great idea that you've condensed your blogs. I always wondered how you managed with so many! And I think it's better if you post more frequently, even if it's about different things, than if you stick to one but only post once a month! (which is what was happenign with Jackal's towards the end) - besides, we're interested in all the other parts of your life too! And sometimes it's just too much hassle to go to other blogs to read up on things, even if you're interested - like I always wanted to find out morre about Chrome and I always felt guilty for not visiting Storm more but I could barely get to Jackal's blog sometimes, never mind any this is a great compromise! :-)

    And I love that photo of you and Chrome too! You're right about people smiling - I have a younger sister who loves horses and she'd always do these "fake smirks" in photos - except when she was standing next to a horse and then her face would be shining. And it's nice to see more photos of you too coz you hardly ever posted yourself on Jackal's blog (not that I ever got tired of photos of Jackal!)

    Anyway, am looking forward to following you on this blog!


  4. Being with Chrome is good medicine, huh. Hope you feel better soon.


  5. He always looks so good in your photos. I love that photo of the two of you.


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