Friday, June 18, 2010

Bath Time

Judi asked what kind of snake was in the picture I posted yesterday. It is a speckled King snake. They aren't poisonous and actually eat poisonous snakes so we never kill them. Here is a website that shows several different kinds of King snake if you're interested. So if you ever see one of these please don't kill them. :)

My second bit of news is that we've hatched out our first turkeys! My family had turkeys when I was a kid but we always bought them already hatched out from a hatchery or feed store. These turkeys that we've actually hatched out came from eggs we got from one of my husband's coworkers. They are soooo cute!

Newly hatched turkey on the right and a chick on the left.

Aren't they cute?!

Learning to walk is hard work. :)

And some really exciting news! I hosed Chrome off for the first time last night (not a full bath, just cooling him off some since the heat index has been 105F to 107F lately). I just did his chest to see what he thought of it and although he wasn't too happy he didn't fight me. I hosed him off again this morning because he just sweats standing out in the pasture doing nothing. I need to hang his fan so he can really cool off. He did really well! In the pictures below please excuse my appearance. I usually wear ugly, ratty clothes when I'm working with the animals because I can't afford for them to ruin my nice clothes. :)

Not sure if he's telling him to back off or just saying hi lol. Zep was slowly creeping closer to me. :)

First I sprayed his feet. I don't have a sprayer because Chrome chewed up my hose and we had to chop the end off. We haven't put an end back on it to hook the sprayer up to lol.

Then I sprayed his chest. He doesn't look happy, but he was pretty calm. I think it was just really cold.

I let him sniff the stream of water . . .

. . . and he stuck his nose in it, spraying water everywhere. He liked playing with it. :) He'll be a water baby in no time.

Then I started spraying his side. He hunched up a bit, but didn't try to get away.

The water was cold on his back but I could tell he was enjoying it. He quickly realized water feels good on a hot summer day. I wish they had a pond to play in.

He's even resting his hoof here. :)

Such a good boy.

He even started to relax.

His head shot back up when I got his haunches! He wasn't even scared (notice the slack in the rope at all times). The cold just startled him. :) I think he'll learn to really enjoy being hosed off soon. All of my horses, no matter how much they hated water when I got them, learned to love being hosed off in the summer, so much so that they would come up to me when I filled their water trough and asked to be hosed off. :) Chrome will probably be that way, especially since he showed an interest in playing with it. :)

Well, I guess that's all I have to report today. Oh well, I was offered an assistant manager's position at my second job that I've only been at for a month. :)


  1. congrats on the promotion! Even if you don't take the job it still must feel good to have been offered it!

  2. Great work with Chrome! I love those cute turkey chicks too! :)


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