Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good News!

I'm excited about my new blog. It's going to be weird to not be posting to five different blogs, but I think it will simplify things. I decided I would start off with good news. It's two things in fact. :)

The first news is that our second Phoenix chicken hatched out nine chicks!! And our third Phoenix chicken hatched our four or five. That makes a total of approximately seventeen chicks hatched out by our Phoenix hens! I'm very happy with those chickens. They are very good mothers. Here are the pictures of the nine chicks. I don't have any of the newest ones.

All fluffed up trying to intimidate us away from her chicks.

Teaching her chicks to forage for food.

And here they are. They are definitely not purebred Phoenix chicks. :)

The other good news is that we sold two more of our goat kids. We sold a male and a female together. She named them Arthur and Guinevere. :) They are going to have a really good home where they will be spoiled, loved pets. :)




Can you believe how big these three month old kids are??

They are so much bigger than last year's kids. I'm loving the Kiko influence.

Well, I hope that was a good first post. :) I'm sure happy about it. I also did a lot of cleaning and rearranging of furniture in my house. My living room looks so much bigger and open. Now the dogs can have crazy zoomies (which they did last night) and not be in our laps practically. :) Later!


  1. OK, we're here and ready to read along.


  2. Yay I'll look forward to keeping updated with all your animal adventures ;D

  3. I think consolidating blogs into one is a good idea. It reduces your work load and makes it easier for us readers to follow what you are up to.

    Where do your chickens sleep? When my Mum stayed at a farm one night, they jumped up on branches of a tree and slept there, which was amusing, Mum says.

    It's nice to hear that those goat kids found a lovely new home :-)



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