Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So Hot!

It is so hot outside. I don't think it's normally this hot this soon. We've had a heat index between 105F and 107F for days on end and no rain. I'm not complaining though. I'll take the heat any day over the freezing cold of winter. Anyway my point is that this heat has caused Storm to finally blow her coat. We're practically breathing dog hair! So I decided to brush her. She actually enjoyed it! I could tell she was itchy. Normally she fights me and just wants to run away. After brushing her I looked up for about a second and suddenly she was gone! I couldn't find her anywhere. Here's a picture of the place where she was last seen. Any suggestions where I should look for her?

Seriously though I got a ton of fur off of her. I'm going to brush her everyday until I stop getting gobs of it off. I can't handle that much fur being in the house. Cough. Choke. Gag.

After brushing her as a reward I let her out in the pasture to get some exercise. She loved every second of it and as a bonus I exercised her and the donkey lol.

What is that??

Chrome followed her a little bit, but was more interested in the hay.

Zeppelin on the other hand wants her OUT of his pasture!

Storm wasn't concerned at all. She never stopped looking for chicken poop.

I think they both enjoyed themselves. :)

My pretty girl. She doesn't even look like I've brushed her lol.

I gave Chrome another rinse off. I think he's finally learning that it cools him off, but he's still a bit skittish about it at first. This time I rinsed him all over, including his belly and privates. He jumped sky high at first. I guess I wasn't gradual enough lol. He got over it quickly though. It just startled him.

Checking out my husband's sweat rag.

He's going through another growth spurt so he's gotten ribby again. :(

Showing off his gorgeous neck.

Giving my husband kisses. :D

When he's wet I can pretend I finally have the black horse I've always wanted LOL!

Being ugly to Zeppelin. It's funny they're too hot to play so they just bite each other but won't move.

"What mom? I wasn't doing anything!"

Checking out the crate we were using to move chickens around.

. . . he found the latch . . .

. . . and proceeded to steal the rubber thing off of it. My husband had to pry his mouth open and get it back.

I think he was sulking after. He refused to look at me lol.

Is this the equivalent of a hug? Or a helping . . . tail?

Scratching an itch.

Zeppelin's version of scratching an itch lol.

Shaking his head and yawning at the same time. :)

Then my pretty, clean, wet colt rolls in the hay. Brat!

Don't horses looks so awkward standing back up? He needs some muscling in his haunches. I'm going to start walking him up and down the short hill that runs alongside our property.

Just had to go and get all dirty. Sigh.

All the critters are trying to keep cool. These young roosters were panting because we had to corner them and catch all the pullets so we could separate them.

The goats use the side of the house to keep shaded and cool.


  1. Thanks for my laugh of the day--the picture of Storm. That was great. All the pictures were terrific. I would say Chrome is going through a pretty stage. I like watching him as he grows. I'm sure he's going to be a stunner.

    Stay cool.

  2. Yes, we have just gone through the same thing here with the boys - they both finally went to the groomer and got what Mom couldn't get out blown out with a good dryer after a bath. Ciara isn't blowing too badly yet, still has her puppy coat:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. It's hot here too (finally!) and despite having furminated the dogs loads, I am still knee deep in dog fur in the house. At this rate there will be nothing left of them, lol! ;D

  4. Aww...Chrome is a real beauty, isn't he? Although I have to say that my real soft spot is for donkeys so Zeppelin wins the contest for me!! Nothing more gorgeous than a pair of donkey ears and THOSE long-lashed EYES!!! :-)


  5. Oh, yes, we have exploding Sibe everywhere. We seem to be getting past the worst of it, but still lots and lots of hair.


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