Monday, December 13, 2010

Chrome vs. Sycamore

Okay, sorry this took me so long. I've been so busy. I finally had the day off today so was able to resize pictures and make the video. :)

Our contenders . . .




The fight!

Aren't they so cute?? Chrome was fascinated by Sycamore's horn and was chewing on them, but I checked and he wasn't hurting him at all. Did you see how Smore was moving Chrome's legs with his horns? He's a stout little goat. :D

Here are the pictures for those of you who can't view videos.

A friendly meeting between the competitors.

Chrome gets in an early cheap shot!

Sycamore butting Chrome in the chest and leg.

They look like they are posturing lol. Don't you love Sycamore's hackles/ruff?

Chrome chewing on S'more's horns.

Sycamore was using the hill to his advantage.

Chrome is the victor in the end and chases S'more away. :)


  1. I love watching animals of different species interact - it's always fascinating - fun video and pictures!

  2. You convinced me--I want a goat! Oh, you must miss them. What a terrific blog.

  3. I love how Sycamore figured out that he wasn't going to win at Chrome's head, so he moved around to the rear and butted him, then bit him. Although, Chrome didn't get rougher after that. I know a lot of people who don't want to own more than one horse get a goat for companionship. We had a horse / goat couple living across the street from us years ago when we first moved in. I made the mistake of stopping to pet them while walking down the street, and I got yelled at, so I had to admire them from afar. Now that I own horses, I can understand people's desire for others to keep their hands off their animals.

  4. Sycamore is a wild little fella'! That was so cute :) It looked like Chrome wasn't very bothered by him too much.

  5. what a funny video! That little goat of yours is too his 'rearing Ram' position!

  6. Um, I want my money back. there wasn't even any blood! geesh! that was way too cute to be a fight! hilarious!

  7. That was a great movie. It was cool to watch the body language on all three of them. Seems like Zep liked the little guy too. Goats are fearless! Wow! But Chrome was very gentle. I hope they can be pals.

    Mango Momma

  8. Wow - what a great movie! So cool! Love Sycamore - what a fiesty 'little' thing! And Actually, Chrome reminded me of Honey - the way she plays with other dogs - I think because her anatomy with her long legs and long, arched neck - is so equine sometimes and she always likes to use her paw, like the way Chrome was pawing with her front hoofs...

    Will there be a re-match??!! :-)



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