Friday, December 17, 2010

Jackal's New Doggie Blanket

I'm excited to announce that I've successfully sewn my second ever item of clothing. The first was a pair of shorts I made years and years and years ago. This time I made a dog blanket for Jackal because he always comes inside shivering like he's a solid block of ice. I have pictures for proof that I did indeed make it all by myself! Okay so my husband helped me (he sews better than I do!!).

*Sorry the indoor shots are so grainy, blurry and messy. Bad lighting.

Jackal helps me pin the pattern to the fabric.

He also makes good use of the scraps I don't need.

Proof that I was actually the one behind the sewing machine. :D

Me totally sewing! Check it out!

The finished product. Doesn't he look handsome??

I need to do some modifications next time because he's so square. It's a little short in the sides and long in the back. When I measured Jackal I was surprised to find he's nineteen inches tall (which I knew) and nineteen inches long in the back! Square. ;) Obviously if they had me measuring from the chest it wouldn't be the same, but he apparently has a short back. See how it bunches over his tail? Oh well it works. It stays on and keeps him warm. The front and belly strap are held on with heavy duty velcro. I used brown fleece on the inside and denim on the outside for maximum warmth.

I don't think he's too sure about it lol.
Better than a t-shirt with a rubber band holding it tight lol.

"I look like a dork mom."

The only outside shot I got in the light this morning.
I think he looks handsome in his blanket.


  1. He looks very dapper in his new duds.

    I like how he helped you make it. He is a cute dog--would you like to trade?

  2. Aw! You did such a wonderful job! I need to make one for my dog. In the mean time though, we use his Halloween costume to keep him warm (it's a pumpkin! :D ).

  3. He does look handsome in it. I'm sure he really appreciates the added warmth and handmade effort.

  4. Wow, you're so multi-talented! I'm proud of myself if I can re-stich a button - ha! ha!

    Jackal looks gorgeous in his new coat - what a stunning colour you've chosen too -such a smart fabric, like those tweed coats on gentlemen...maybe you should think about doing this commercially! ;-)



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