Thursday, December 23, 2010

Horse Personality Quiz

Chrome stole my husband's toboggan hat.

I found this personality quiz at Fantastyk Voyage and thought it looked really interesting so I gave it a shot. It's sometimes hard to do quizzes for Chrome because he's not old enough to ride yet and some of the questions are about riding. I answered my best and the answer is . . .


The Goddess is loved by most of the other horses and most people. They are expressive and sensitive and emotional. You will know how they feel. They try very hard to please and will worry and be anxious if you are not happy with them. In the negative they can have scattered energy that is hard to get focused. This personality can be loved on as much as you want.


Listen to them
Play with them
Ask for what you want
Allow them friendships
Be their friend and leader
Give them variety
Own them forever


Be rigid, bossy, boring
Move them frequently
Keep them alone
Stress them

I think this is pretty accurate (and it must be because I did it about six different times with slightly varying answers and came up with the same answer for Chrome). They describe the Goddess as being 'Submissive Energetic Curious Friendly'. I sort of think of Chrome as having somewhat of a lazy streak, but he can be very reactive and playful, so maybe he is energetic. It will be hard to tell until I can actually ride him. When we go walking he's usually excited and very forward. And he's definitely curious and friendly. He's submissive to humans although he is definitely testing his boundaries. He's gotten very bossy to Zeppelin around feeding time, but I'm really not sure who is boss between the two of them right now. All things considered I think it sounds pretty accurate. Give it a shot. It's fun. :)

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  1. Ok, I am a loser. I cannot find it on her blog?


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