Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frustrated . . . and Jackal fun.

I'm so frustrated with Blogger. I was reading and commenting on blogs when it went down. I could still read them, but without being able to comment I didn't see the point. You may not know this, but I'm a comment addict. I love getting comments and I love leaving them. I try to always comment, although sometimes if I'm behind or busy I'll read a post and not leave a comment. So when Blogger came back up and I went back to check the blogs I'd commented on (because they were appearing as new in Google Reader again) I realized it had deleted all of my comments!! I tried to make comments on all of the blogs I'd read, but if I missed you I'm sorry, I did comment, they just got deleted. I also was wondering why I hadn't received comments on my last couple of posts on Chrome's blog and figured they must have gotten deleted too. So if you commented I didn't get them. Sigh. Darn Blogger.

So on a happier note Jackal has been having some fun. We took him with us when we went fishing at the lake. I don't have many pictures, but I like the ones I took. :)

The lighting was wrong on the two above, but I was blocking him from leaving the dock since I'd taken his leash off. :)

My friend was talking to him in this one and he was giving her his silly hound dog look.

Doesn't he look so happy and relaxed?

I also have a video for your entertainment. Normally I play a talk back game with Jackal where we bark at each other, but I didn't want to bark on camera (lol) so I blew in his face instead. He doesn't like me blowing in his face much but he still played along hehe. Doesn't he just look so vicious? I love my dog. :D

We haven't made much progress on our Freestyle routine. We finally got the news that my husband can go back to work soon (although it will still take a while to sort out paperwork) so we've been spending as much time together as possible, since I won't be seeing him much when he goes back to work (he works sixty hours a week, rotating days and nights). I've also been working extra hours and we're trying to get estimates done to replace our roof. I hope we can get it done soon. It's so stressful dealing with contractors, banks and insurance companies lol.


  1. Hi there, I had tried to leave you a message that disapeared into the "Blogger Abyss".Very frustrating at best. I tried to leave you an e-mail message also, not sure if you got it. It was a Yahoo address. It's was a little long winded but I had some questions on it about training and such. I think I still have it and can copy and paste here if you want. Jackal is such a great looking dog! I am looking forward to the freestyle routine. Geez, 60 hour work weeks sounds tough. I wish you both the best!

  2. Jackal is looking good! :) Glad to hear your husband is on the mend but 60 hour weeks sounds tough, hope you get all your repairs sorted out with the minimum amount of stress :)

  3. Jackal is a good sport. Hehehe. Poor blogger. Working in IT myself I can imagine how frantic they must have been. I suspect that whatever they were up to required a restore from backup which means that some stuff will take time as backups are made in snapshots that each need to be layered on top of each other. I'm just glad they recovered. I noticed my comments were gone too, but after a few tries I just gave up on re-reading and commenting on posts.

    Mango Momma

    P.S. To say our dance routines are spotty would be generous. I have no doubt that the deadline will loom and we'll just give it our best shot.

  4. He's so cute!

    And right there with you on the not-so-happy-with-Blogger train. :\

  5. Blogger has been a royal PAIN this week!!!
    We especially like that first pic of Jackal! Your photos have been awesome lately!!!
    Play bows,

  6. Oh you poor thing - with so much on your plate, I'm not surprised you haven't got much time for dancing! We're just honoured that you're still trying and not giving up! :-)

    Yeah, I'm a bit of a comment addict like you although sometimes I really struggle to comment on everybody's blogs - and I noticed that Blogger lost several of my comments too. I'm not on Blogger myself (we use Wordpress software) but most of our friends are so I have a Blogger account just to leave comments more easily - but it's really irritating to think that all the time I spent leavign comments was wasted! The only good thing is that they are usually sent out to the blog owners on email, I think, so at least everybody hopefully managed to read the comments on their email, if not in their blogs!

    Great pictures of Jackal! And such a cute video!


  7. Jackal is so cute! I don't like my humans blowing in my face either. When they do that, I always pretend to be trying to nip their face! Hee hee.


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