Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Stills - In The Sky

This week's Sunday Stills challenge is in the sky. He said "This can be anything in the sky, planes,clouds,birds or just about anything you can come up with..:-)" so by doing sun, moon, clouds, birds, rainbow I guess I'm following the rules, however these are archive pictures because I just didn't have time (not to mention horrible weather) to take pictures. I've shown some of them before, but a bunch are ones I haven't shown before. Enjoy.

And this last one is a panoramic shot I took with my cell phone. :D


  1. Beautiful shots of the sky. Hope you get some decent weather soon.

  2. Beautiful rainbow. My favorites are the sunlight coming between the clouds and the sunset reflecting off the water. All are just great shots!

  3. Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous skies!!

    Hey - how is Jackal's dance routine coming along? Have you seen our latest post with a compilation of some of the dance teams? Everyone's been working really hard! I'm really curious to see your routine as you've been so secretive about it!! :-)



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