Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jackal's April Trick Update

I didn't make as much progress as I would have liked with Jackal's April trick, but it's still decent and we can keep working on it when I'm done with our Freestyle routine. I ended up switching from my front door to the doors of my entertainment center because the front door is difficult to close due to the weather stripping. Here is the video.

The door closing scares him so I'll have to work on that. I'm hoping that he was just being overly sensitive because I was frustrated and impatient. We shall see when we practice on it again. I'll post the video of him fetching the leash for his March trick tomorrow. Sorry it took so long to get that one together hehe. Let me know what you think about this video.


  1. Very cute! You do a great job with your clicker training.

  2. He is so cute when he trials all his different behaviors trying to figure out what you want. It really took him no time at all to learn. He is brilliant.

  3. Very cool, my mom should try that method for getting me to lower the toilet seat...:-)))

  4. Nice job! You thought through the steps pretty well!

    My suggestion is to start with something even lighter if you can (a plastic touperware type drawer) and have it only open 1in. That way Jackal can get the purpose of closing it 100% from the start but only have the tiniest push to do so. Or since he is so pawy why not just switch to a paw? Of course there's more of a risk if scratching things up but who cares :)

  5. Did I see you watching the TV there in the early part of the exercise? That was a super movie. He is so willing. I love the way he offered up all sorts of stuff in the beginning. That piece of paper thing is something I will try. Difficult to generalize. He really struggled when it moved from your knee to the door, but he got it! In one training session too. Very clever chap.

    Mango Momma

  6. I am sorry I haven't been able to catch up your blog posts as my helper, Mum, was so busy! But, you still come over to visit my blog and leave comments for me. What a nice friend you are!

    I am very impressed by how Jackal learned to close the door. He was eager to offer some moves throughout the session, which is great!


  7. I love his butt and he has a wee bit of jodhpur floof!

    wow, i take a lot more short cuts than you do! but loki seems to generalize a lot faster than most dogs. he caught on to "shut the door" very fast. i never used paper, i used my hand and pointed. paper is a good idea tho. juno is not such a generalizer though so i probably need to do a lot more repetition of foundation steps like you do. but she does "get it' a lot of times. she's not as good a shutting doors because i accepted "paw" instead of nose and now it's hard for her to switch. but loki figured it out and made the switch. for big doors, he uses his paws tho which is fine. and oddly he doesn't freak over the loud noise as i thought he might do. i thought he would be more freaky scared than jackal showed. but he didn't. he surprises me sometimes with confidence. anyway, i enjoyed watching because i like to see how stuff is trained by "non professional dog trainers" meaning, people like me! :)

  8. Oh, very cool video! I loved how you showed the WHOLE thing so we can see it in real time - often, training videos are so edited that people don't get any idea of the real patience & hard work & TIME it takes to teach things.

    And yeah, I loved how Jackal was offering all those other behaviours first- Honey does that too! She usually keeps offering the latest trick she's learnt coz it's usually her current 'favourite trick' - ha! ha!

    It's also good to see how dogs do have a problem generalising - like when you moved the paper to the door - but how he eventually worked it out in the end!

    Well done! I hope you do something similar for your dancing routine as I'd love to see how you put it all together and how Jackal learnt it!



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