Sunday, February 12, 2012

Live It Up Tag

I got tagged by Brooke at Dove Tree. It's a short question tag with a lot of "what's your favorite" questions, which I have trouble answering, but I'll give it a shot. :)

Q."What's your favorite book?"
A. Like I said. Hard questions to answer. I think it's easier to say favorite genre than actual book. I like Fantasy the best, but close second is of course horse books. I also like some SciFi books. My favorites change all the time as I read new books and forget old books. Very hard question to answer. :)

Q."What's your favorite song?"
A. Right at this second I would have to answer Hey, Soul Sister by Train. Also a song that I like that was a surprise to me is Billionaire by Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars. I normally am not a fan of rap, but I like this one, although not surprisingly the chorus is my favorite (the part Bruno Mars sings). So those are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

Q."Favorite genre of music?"
A. Easy! The 80s. I LOVE 80s music. :) I also like more modern pop/rock, etc. I like some of the older country (not really old, but the stuff from when I was a kid like Garth Brooks, John Michael Montgomery, Shania Twain, etc). I don't care for the really old country or the crappy current country where all they do is whine about how pathetic their lives are. I don't like rap, bluegrass, anything twangy lol. I do like some classical, instrumental, etc. music. My taste in music varies a lot, even within genre, so sort of a hard question to answer. Just to show you how varied, here are some singers/bands I like Aerosmith (favorite band ever), Richard Marx, Chris Daughtry, Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLauchlan, 3 Doors Down, Savage Garden, Boyz II Men, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, etc. You get the idea. :D

Q."Favorite setting."
A. I love days that are between 75 and 80 degrees, beautiful, clear blue sky with no clouds, a gentle breeze, the sounds of birds singing and crickets chirping. Love it. Of course horses grazing on the green grass nearby just makes it perfect. :)

This is the only picture on this post that is mine.

Q."Got a crush?"
A. Totally. My husband. :D

Q."Favorite subject in school?"
A. I don't remember. Wasn't that crazy about school lol.

A. Writing, reading, blogging, photography, horseback riding (more like an obsession), almost anything outside (biking, swimming, walking, hiking, etc.), etc. I used to include piano on that list, but I haven't played in so long I'm not sure it counts anymore.

Q."Favorite Holiday?"
A. Thanksgiving!! I love getting together with family, eating tons of food and sharing what we're thankful for. :)

One of my favorites!

Q."Favorite food?"
A. Ugh, this is going to make me sound absolutely horribly unhealthy, but basically anything with simple carbs or sugar (I'm an addict, yep), which is why I always include eating healthier on my goals and resolutions. I like very few vegetables (actually really like salads with lots of raw spinach, shredded carrots, cauliflower, pickles, broccoli, etc., but can't really eat it much because of my easily irritated digestive system - and yep I know if I got rid of the simple carbs, sugars and gluten that my stomach would probably be able to handle vegetables better, but it's hard to break a life-long habit/addiction) and the only meat I really care for is chicken. I'm very particular about red meat. It has to be cooked perfectly or I won't eat it (hence why I never order steak when I got out to eat and that with a lack of veggies is probably why I'm iron deficient lol). So yeah I have very unhealthy eating habits, but I am working on it. I eat cooked stir fry veggies over rice and I'll eat cooked mustard greens and kale from our garden. Oh and I'm a salt addict too ahhh!!!!

Not Amber, but still cute.

Q."Favorite animal?"
A. All of them!! :) Actually aside from dogs and horses, which you all knew about, I like wolves, dolphins, otters and big cats. Big Cat Diaries was my favorite show ever lol. I knew all of them by name and my favorite was Amber. :D

I don't know who of my followers likes tags, but if you do consider yourself tagged. If you don't I hope you enjoyed reading my answers anyway. :D

Thank you for tagging me Brooke! It was a lot of fun!


  1. Nice to get to know you better! I am also a carb/sugar addict and I can't stand most vegetables.
    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, too! It's just like Christmas without having to buy gifts :)

  2. I'm catching up again (as usual!!) - really enjoyed this post! I was nodding along as I was reading your answers - we share so many things! :-) I'm an 80's fan too and a total salt addict - although I do LOVE my vegetables, especially green veggies. I don't feel a meal is complete without some green in it. Not that I would ever be vegetarian - I love meat too much - but I start getting anxious if I go a day without eating tons of veggies! :-) I think it's my OCD-control freak thing! :-)

    That is such a sweet answer about your crush - ha! ha!


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