Saturday, February 4, 2012


Well, apparently Jackal did care that I forgot his birthday (just kidding), because he got paybacks. It was storming last night and apparently Storm's fear of firecrackers has now transferred over to thunder. She woke us up whining outside our door so my husband got up (since I had to be at work at 5am; this was at 1am approx) and let her in our room so she would be quiet and go back to sleep. Well Jackal took that as an invitation as well and normally I don't mind him sleeping with us every once in a while, but last night he took a flying leap and all of his forty pounds came smashing down on my foot, specifically the foot with the ingrown toenail!! It hurt really bad, but I was still half asleep so I went back to sleep, but within minutes it was throbbing and woke me up. I thought it would pass and just lay there trying to fall back to sleep, but it got worse and worse and worse.

I've had a problem with this toenail forever, but so far it had never grown in far enough to cause this amount of pain because I'm careful how I trim it. Unfortunately recently it broke off on that side, which wasn't that big of a deal because it wasn't infected. However when Jackal landed on it apparently that caused my nail to cut down into my toe as if it had grown in. Still in a half asleep daze I made an Epson salt soak to help soften the nail and kill off any infection, but it wasn't helping with the pain. I dug at it a little but it wasn't any worse than it normally is so I sprayed it with something to hopefully numb it and went back to bed. Unfortunately none of that helped and I lay in back trying not to cry while I thought about the fact that I had to be up in two hours to go to work.

The longer I lay there awake the more conscious I got and finally realized that I could take some ibuprofen to numb it enough to sleep. Sure enough about half an hour after taking the pain reliever I fell asleep . . . only to get up an hour later!!! Ahhh!!! So it depends how I'm doing after work, pain wise and exhaustion wise, as to if he gets to go on his special birthday trip today or tomorrow . . .


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