Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Puppies!

I LOVE this shot of my beautiful girl!

I had let the dogs out first thing to pee so Storm knew there was snow and she was excited. However she settled down nicely while I went to feed and play with the horses (you can see their snow pictures/videos over the next few days at So when I said, "Do you want to go outside?" a bit later this was her reaction . . .

I know the flash screwed it up, but how cute is that tongue?!

So I took them outside to play. These first shots were with the continuous shot setting so they aren't great and I learned something, don't use that setting when snow is coming down and your subjects are moving at the speed of light!! LOL.

This is what Jackal would look like with pricked ears lol. Too cute!

These next two are continuous shots too, but I had to show you my flying dogs lol.

Flying Storm. Even at ten years old she has it in her to be an agility dog lol.

And flying Jackal.

Here are some more shots. I think I got snow on the camera or was moving too much because some are blurry, but they are the best I ended up with. Enjoy!

Green grass (winter wheat) and snow is weird huh?

"I want to go to the lease land mom!"

Probably the best canine picture of the day. She's so gorgeous all of her's look good though.

Jackal almost always has his nose to the ground.

They played some too. I was trying to get video because Storm was rolling Jackal and even leaped right over him once while he was standing at his full height (nineteen inches at the shoulder), but unfortunately I forgot the camera was still on continuous shoot so I missed it. Here are the pictures I ended up with.

Vicious looking dogs.

I love Storm's expression. She's totally about to jump him!

Told you!!

Well, that's all of the pictures that turned out okay. I'll put together the short video clips for you tomorrow. :)

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  1. Woo! Isn't the snow great!?! Ours is melting, but Zim and I had fun while it was nice and fluffy!


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