Monday, February 20, 2012

Midget White Turkeys

Did I ever show you guys my Midget White turkeys? After the bobcat killed my Sweetgrass turkeys my dad gave me some of his Midget Whites. The Midget White only gets to about half the size of a full grown turkey, around twenty five pounds or so. We've had a lot better luck with these guys because they will actually go in their house where they are safe from the bobcat. They are a lot friendlier than our other ones. We've enjoyed them a lot. Aren't they beautiful? Oh and they aren't even a year old yet so they are still growing some.

I'll have some more interesting photos soon. I forgot my camera today or I would have uploaded them for this post. Oh well, another day. :)


  1. They are gorgeous! And they have wonderful camouflage in the snow :D


  2. oh my God! They are so cute! In that first picture – it looks just like a tour!!


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