Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Working Out & Puppy Pictures!

First a note on the new workout. I'm settling into the routine. I've done five workouts so far (three times a week, only missed one day). During this last workout I was able to sprint for thirty seconds and walk for ninety seconds (for the full six intervals) without extending my ninety second rest period like I had to in the beginning. I slowed the sprint speed down to 5mph because on the treadmill it's too easy to push too hard without realizing it. I felt like a couple of times that my heart rate got too high so I ordered a heart rate monitor. When it comes in I'll increase the intensity again. I still have two weeks to go before I check my body fat percentage again. So we will see how it's going.

Now, so this post isn't horribly boring, here are some pictures of my friend's pit bull puppy who came for a visit last weekend. I still have more pictures to go through that I'll post later. Isn't she cute?

Woke the poor girl up from her nap.

Took her for a run on the lease land. I love her ears in this shot!
Sorry the quality sucks (continuous shoot mode).

Cutie pie! She's a blue brindle by the way. :)

Meeting Chrome for the first time made her a little nervous.
Sorry for the creepy blurry face. I don't have permission to post pics of my friend.

What does her chest marking remind you of?
Also my friend is still trying to think of a name. Any suggestions?
Her other dogs are Lady and Dusty. She wants something with the Y sound on the end.
Oh and she wants something feminine (everyone mistakes Dusty for a boy), but not cutesie.

Sun from the wrong directions, but cute pose.

She had a blast rolling in our grass lol.

Exhausted after playing with my dogs. I love how she has her rear feet stuck out behind her lol.

And my favorite!

Going for a ride on Chrome. :D Don't worry, my friend was holding on to the puppy. We wouldn't let her fall. I'll post more pictures of her riding Chrome on his blog at Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


  1. She could always call her Sophie. ;)

    Happy Wednesday!
    Jen and the mostly black dog crew

  2. She's such a cuetie! And a brave one to ride a horse! :) She looks natural on his back.


  3. LOL! That chest marking makes me think of:


    She is a cutie!

  4. My son has a pit named Emily or Emy for short. She's an absolute sweetie too.

  5. looks like a great visit with your new little puppy friend! So cute! Love the picture of her riding on Chrome!


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